NEW STUDY: Unexpected Discovery About Stress That Changes Everything

A new study regarding stress, made by scientists at the University of Georgia, changes everything. The discovery turns everything upside down.

Experts found that low and moderate stress is in fact very good for brain function, while high levels of stress negatively affect the human mind and can lead to mental illness.

The research shows that low to moderate levels of stress can help build resilience and reduce the risk of developing mental health disorders such as depression and antisocial behaviors, according to Live Mint.

Stress is widely considered in the medical world to be an integral part of the modern lifestyle, but often it is blamed for severely impacting the brain and ease of living.
 Discovery About Stress That Changes Everything
"If you're in an environment where you have some level of stress, you may develop coping mechanisms that will allow you to become a more efficient and effective worker and organize yourself in a way that will help you perform," said Assaf Oshri, lead author of the study published in the August 2022 journal Psychiatry Research.

New Groundbreaking Discovery Regarding Stress

The report pointed out that the stress that comes with important situations in life, such as studying for an exam, preparing for an important meeting at work, or putting in long hours to close a deal can lead to personal growth.

Even getting fired from a job might cause someone to reconsider their strengths and think about whether they should stay in the field or choose another, new path.
Girl-Unexpected Discovery About Stress That Changes Everything
But when stress becomes too much, then the brain can be at risk, unable to tolerate the pressure. There are other factors that influence how an individual responds to stress, such as age, genetic predisposition, and whether there is a supportive community.

But continued high levels of stress can be incredibly damaging, both physically and mentally, the author of the study warned, explaining that "at a certain point, stress becomes toxic".

"Chronic stress, like the stress that comes from living in abject poverty or being abused, can have very bad health and psychological consequences. It affects everything from your immune system to emotional regulation, to brain functioning. Not all stress is good stress."

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