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Article: India's Most Mysterious Village Amazes Researchers

India's Most Mysterious Village Amazes Researchers - DSF Antique Jewelry
Amazes Researchers

India's Most Mysterious Village Amazes Researchers

There is a village like no other in India. This mysterious place - named Kodinhi - has amazed researchers around the world.

Kodinhi is a village near Tirurangadi in the Kerala district that has a special feature: the twinning rate is unprecedented, with more than 400 pairs out of a total of 2,000 families.

Kodinhi seems like a normal Indian village, but on closer inspection, something very unusual can be seen that has brought Kodinhi into the international news spotlight. Precisely because of its small size it seems that ... it's not an optical illusion, but the town has an impressive number of twins. There are, in fact, two twins at every age, and every family has at least one pair in the house.

The village holds the record for the most twin births in the world. So it is definitely a mysterious place that is worth exploring.

This Is India's Most Mysterious Village

Many wonder what causes this unusual phenomenon, since Asia, compared to other continents, usually has a much lower rate of twin births.

Apparently, it all started around the 1930s, and since then the number of twin births has been rising steadily and continues to do so today. Several studies have been carried out to understand the causes of this phenomenon.

Some claim that the phenomenon is the result of certain molecules present in the water in the Kodinhi village area, some say it is the result of some mysterious food that the villagers feed on, and some are investigating genetic, biological, and molecular, as well as hereditary, and climatic factors.

There are two other similar cases around the world: the town of Igbo-Ora in Nigeria, where research suggests a link between twin births and women's eating habits, and the small, remote community of Candido Godói in Brazil.

In 2008, 30 pairs of twins from Kodinhi, accompanied by their parents, attended the meeting of the Twins and Kins Association, India's first recognized twins' association, which aims to draw attention to the specific problems of multiple births, such as those related to education and health.

The residents of Kodinhi village have named this mysterious place the "Twin Town", and often visitors that come to Kerala, famous for its distinctive landscapes, which are lost between the emerald sea and six hundred kilometers of coastline formed by wide sandy beaches, rocky headlands and stretches of coconut plantations, schedule a stop to see the mysterious village phenomenon first-hand.
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