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Article: The Secret Of Physical Attraction: What Are Pheromones?

The Secret Of Physical Attraction: What Are Pheromones?

The Secret Of Physical Attraction: What Are Pheromones?

What are pheromones? Researchers say they may hold the secret of physical attraction between a man and a woman.

If you've ever wondered what pheromones are you certainly weren't the only one. In fact, there are a lot of people who ask this question and a lot of research has been done on the subject.

Let's talk a little about "chemical attraction".

Pheromones Hide The Secret Of Physical Attraction

Pheromones are those chemical substances that we neither see nor are aware of their presence, but which intensely stimulate our body, especially on the level of attraction. Although discussions about human pheromones are controversial, they have been intensively studied for decades in animals.

Pheromones appear to send very powerful chemical messages, even over long distances and are present in both the animal and plant kingdoms. Thus, plant fragrances are actually pheromones to attract insects, helping them pollinate and reproduce. Similar effects are also found in the fragrances extracted from these plants that we humans use.

What Are Pheromones? Men Produce More Than Women

Normally, every person secretes pheromones, but most are eliminated through hygiene measures. These substances have no aroma or smell, but they are strong enough to cause certain reactions in others, and men release more of the hormones of physical attraction than women.

Pheromones are also what give us a specific body odor. Apart from twins, no two people have exactly the same body odor, and this detail is very important when choosing a partner.

Studies have shown that women are more attracted to men whose body odor indicates a very different genetic make-up from their own. Genetic variety means eliminating the risk of mating with relatives, and that means healthy children.

The Influences Of Pheromones

Pheromones are of two kinds, namely female pheromones, which have a more subtle effect, and male pheromones, which are more powerful. They are found all over the body but some areas have a higher concentration.

Women can generally smell a man with increased levels of the male hormone testosterone, especially when their own estrogen levels are higher.

It has been found that male sweat, of course when the man has a clean and purified body, is the strongest aphrodisiac of all organic secretions. The active element of this source of attraction is a biological substance called alpha-androsterone.

As a result of this discovery, for a time it was popular to use bath salts, which, when used, amplified the body's perspiration.

Pheromones are chemical messengers that influence sexual receptivity, desire, fecundity, maturity, aggressiveness, or docility as well as the deepest emotions.

Researchers have found that the scent of the human body follows a kind of code. Thus, the man gives off a scent, and in response, the woman produces another scent, which corresponds to this pheromone "call". Although seemingly imperceptible, animals are guided by these scents. Insects also react to these scents.

How Do Pheromone Scents Affect Us?

We all like different smells and associate them with different things, for example, we often associate lavender with relaxation. Many of us use perfumes in different ways to improve the smell of a room, our clothes, cars, as well as our bodies.

Perfume is extracted from plants and flowers and triggers various senses in order to induce certain moods. Plants contain pheromones, which are converted into fragrances and from these to our senses to get the desired reaction.

There is an extremely wide range of perfumes on the market with oriental notes or other subtle aromas that envelop the body in a delicate fragrance.

Although pheromones play a greater or lesser role in physical attraction, there is still that mystery of love which remains outside any scientific explanation and which can only be understood if it is experienced.

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