Kate Middleton's Healthy Diet. How To Look Like A Princess

Princess Kate Middleton is known for her elegant outfits and demeanor, but also for her slim and beautiful body. The secret is that she has a healthy and simple diet that helps her look so amazing!

You too can look like a princess. Find out Kate Middleton's daily menu which helps her maintain her energy for motherhood duties and royal engagements.

The Princess of Wales is known for her healthy lifestyle. Today we will reveal some of her secrets.

Discover Kate Middleton's Healthy Diet

According to Hello! Magazine, Kate Middleton and her family like to eat a variety of nutritious and flavorful dishes, and she often prefers to cook herself.

The Princess also likes to involve her children when she makes pasta or pizza, for example.

Although she is not a vegetarian, Kate Middleton generally eats meatless for lunch. During William's royal tour of India, chef Raghu Deora, who was tasked with creating dishes for the royal couple during their stay at the Taj Mahal Palace, revealed that the princess ate a lunch of vegetable kebab and lentil curry. It was a vegetarian recipe because that's how Kate preferred it.

It's also known that Kate Middleton and Prince Willian love sushi. Speaking to Japanese chef Akira at Japan House London, William said, "Thank you very much. My wife and I love sushi."

Kate Middleton's other favorites are said to be watermelon salads, tabbouleh, ceviche, and gazpacho, according to a 2014 Daily Mail article.

Dinner is more cosseting, and Kate seems to have a menu for dinner similar to many of us: steaks, pasta, and curries.

When she was seven months pregnant with Prince George, Kate Middleton enjoyed a homemade vegetable dish cooked by Indian couple Chan Shingadia and her husband Hash, who ran the Spar shop near her Berkshire home at the time.

Kate Middleton Is Also A Fan Of Spicy Food

Princess Kate Middleton has previously admitted to being a fan of spicy food - although she revealed before her royal tour of India with Prince William that, unlike her, her husband doesn't love spice as much.

Roast chicken is another popular meal among the royal family, Prince Harry proposed to Meghan while cooking a chicken, and Kate and William also love roast chicken.

Pasta has its special place in Kate Middleton's diet. During a visit to Lavender Primary School, Kate Middleton told school representative Matthew Kleiner-Mann how she cooks with the kids, "She was telling us how much her kids love to cook, that they made pasta with cheese the other day. One of the kids was mixing the flour, one was putting in the milk and butter. They make salads and other dishes together."

During the royal tour of Canada and the US in 2014, Prince William and Kate attended a basketball game in New York, where the two were spotted eating... popcorn.

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