Secrets Revealed: What Is King Charles III's Favorite Food

Some might think that kings have sophisticated pretensions when it comes to the food they eat. But this isn't the case for King Charles III. So what is his favorite food?

King Charles III's culinary tastes are rather simple, you might say.

The ideal meal for King Charles III is risotto with wild mushrooms and organic lamb, according to royal editor Russell Myers as quoted by However, the mushrooms must be picked from the king's own estate. You may say that they are "royal mushrooms".

Discover King Charles III's Favorite Food

Former royal chef Darren McGrady recalled a time when Charles encouraged staff at Balmoral to go and pick mushrooms from his estate.

"He loves wild mushrooms and takes his chefs to Balmoral to show them where the best mushrooms are," chef Darren McGrady said.

"We brought them back to Buckingham Palace and they were the most amazing porcini mushrooms," the former royal chef added.

As well as mushrooms, lamb or mutton are among King Charles's favorite dishes.

According to McGrady, the King has always been interested in the source of the produce he eats, as he is known to be a keen foodie.

The One Food That King Charles III Never Eats

The former royal chef added that there is one food that King Charles III never eats - foie gras. This preparation comes from goose or duck force-fed to enlarge his liver.

In recent years, charities have campaigned against the manufacture and sale of this product.

What Does King Charles Eat When He Visits His Estates in Romania

King Charles III is known to own several properties in  Romania and to have visited this East European country several times.

Every time he goes to Romania, the King prefers to eat Saxon stew. It can be prepared with vegetables only or rabbit meat can be added. Traditional soups and homemade desserts are other dishes the King eats when he visits these lands.

Picture Source: The Royal Family 

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