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Article: King Charles Joked About His "Sausage-Like Fingers"

King Charles Joked About His "Sausage-Like Fingers" - DSF Antique Jewelry

King Charles Joked About His "Sausage-Like Fingers"

King Charles III of Great Britan made a joke about his "sausage-like fingers" in a documentary film about his coronation.

This amusing topic garnered intense media attention and became the subject of numerous memes on the internet over the years.

According to AFP, the joke was featured in a 90-minute documentary film that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the preparations made by the British royal family for his coronation.

During a moment when his eldest son, Prince William, struggled to fasten the buttons on one of his ceremonial robes, King Charles reassured him not to worry because he doesn't have "fingers like sausages," as he jokingly declared in front of the cameras. The 74-year-old sovereign's remark was reported by the BBC.

"The Sausage-Like Fingers" of King Charles

British tabloids published numerous articles on this topic, ranging from lengthy explanatory editorials to more humorous texts, with a focus on Charles's fingers in the days leading up to the historic ceremony earlier this year.

Some articles even included opinions from doctors who were invited to comment on whether there was a real cause for concern about the new monarch's chubby fingers. Speculations ranged from swelling and arthritis to infections and allergies.

Internet searches for the phrase "sausage-like fingers" reached peak levels in the period leading up to the coronation ceremony on May 6 in the United Kingdom, according to data published by Google Trends.

Photo Credit: Youtube Capture via Daily Record




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