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Article: The Submarine-Yacht: The New Fashion In The Rich Men's World

The Submarine-Yacht: The New Fashion Rich World

The Submarine-Yacht: The New Fashion In The Rich Men's World

The world of luxury submarines is one of the last frontiers in the field of experimentation and maybe the newest trend in the "rich men's world".

Carapace is a research project by Elena Nappi and if built will be the world's most luxurious hybrid submarine yacht.

The impressive mastodon can stay underwater for 10 days. Carapace is practically a hybrid model between a submarine and a luxury yacht that the links beauty and comfort of a luxury yacht with the privacy and mystery of a submarine.

The Submarine-Yacht: The New Fashion World
Photo: The hybrid submarine-yacht Carapace (Source: Solent)

According to Boatmag International, Carapace is a ship in line with the changing demands of customers and the changing environmental conditions. As today’s mega-yachts owners already have it all, the point was to identify what they miss: the possibility of living new emotions in complete privacy.

That’s why the concept investigates the submarine/luxury yacht relationship, studies its interrelations, and gets to a unique, hybrid product from both structural and formal points of view.

If built, Carapace will travel at speeds of up to 16 knots while above water and 13 knots while submerged, diving to about the same depths as a nuclear submarine.

Carapace - The Ultimate Luxury
The hybrid is environmentally friendly, running on hydrogen and electricity. As it is a luxury "toy" for the rich, it is provided with a spa and health club on board.

Building the Carapace would come with a hefty price tag of $ 300 million that few could afford, but is a bargain when compared with the $700 million Tesla superyacht also yet to be realized.

Carapace can go as deep as 985 feet underwater and can stay underwater for 10 days.

Touted as a "new class of megayacht", the three-level Carapace boasts massive entertainment areas, a lounge, and a bar.

According to The Sun, the detailed design for the submarine superyacht also includes a swimming pool and beach club. It is said to be able to achieve its hybrid goals with a 246-foot-long lightweight aluminum structure that seals the vessel in while moving underwater.

The yacht earned its name because of its sea turtle-like appearance. The upper section of a turtle's shell is called the carapace.

Italian naval architect Elena Nappi, who designed the Carapace masterpiece, said: "The world of luxury submarines is one of the last frontiers in the field of experimentation".

Speaking about luxury, Carapace features a helipad that converts into a relaxation area with an infinity pool, a bar area that is sure to be stocked with the best and most expensive alcoholic beverages, and a living area with plush seating.

The superyacht has a luxurious dining room with a "solar roof" that displays a live aquatic environment around the submarine.

According to Elena Nappi, the attempt was to recreate a reassuring space with innovative forms and traditional materials: an innovative and counter-tendency effort on today's luxury mega yachts, while it finds its place in the new private luxury Jet projects.

"From the spatial point of view, we tried to limit the feeling of being inside a closed and limited space also thanks to domotics, which allowed the environments to spread outwards perceptively through a display system that uses the technology OLED. Following the graphic design, a structural check with the data and calculations made necessary to confirm its feasibility", Nappi said.
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