Latest Trend For Millionaires - The Jet-Car Ride In Dubai

Dubai is well known as a luxury travel destination. From lavish experiences to jet skis, fancy cars, and sophisticated restaurants. Dubai has it all. And something more than all. For example, the  "jet-car", is
the latest trend for millionaires.

Imagine a ride on the water driving Sounds crazy, isn't it? But it is not! In Dubai anything is possible. For adrenaline junkies and those with pockets full of money, no trip is complete to the City of Gold unless they  hop on a jet-car to cruise on waters in style.

How Much It Costs A Ride With A Jet Car

For 15 minutes with the jet-car, prices start from 270 USD. If you want a one-hour ride, you have to shell out more than 1,000 USD. Or, you can buy your own jetcar for amounts between 40,000 and 60,000 euros, depending on the "car"'s features.

The "car that runs on water" and makes you feel like a king has two seats and can reach up to 80 kilometers/h.

The Jet-car looks like a convertible sports car, but it's designed like a boat underneath and rides like a jet ski.

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