The Story Of Rozy - The Young South Korean Influencer Who Doesn't Really Exist

Rozy is a famous young South Korean influencer, with over 140,000 followers on Instagram, who doesn't really exist in the real life.

Her Instagram followers are fascinated by her flawless make-up and perfectly fitting clothes. But, Rozy is South Korea's first 100% virtual influencer, yet her fans are as real as it gets.

They say online fans are virtual, but that's not quite true. Behind the "Follow" button there is always a "tangible", living person who shows a preference or can fully identify with the character they follow, according to Pro TV.

rozy play golf

But a made-up influencer? Yes, more and more virtual influencers are appearing in South Korea, artificial creations that are successfully used in the entertainment industry or in advertising to attract large sums of money.

While some may not know who they are following online, the creators of Rozy, South Korea's first virtual influencer, have made it clear that she is not a real person. However, those who follow her act as if she is.

Story Of Rozy South Korean Influencer Doesn't Really Exist

Rozy's clothes are always pressed, her makeup flawless, and the experiences she displays make her followers hope for such a life themselves. Experts are sounding the alarm about the dangers of idealizing beauty and pressuring people to conform to certain beauty standards.

How Was Rozy Created And What Is Her Purpose?

Rozy is the result of using computer-generated imagery (CGI) technology. You know it from the movies.  It's very popular in the entertainment industry, where artists create realistic characters that just look like people for movies, music videos, computer games, etc.

Representatives of the company that created Rozy say the young virtual influencer can do things that humans can't do...

Story Of Rozy - The Young South Korean Influencer Doesn't Really Exist

Since 2020, when she went online, Rozy has managed to land advertising deals, participate in two virtual fashion shows and release two music tracks. And she's not the only one from South Korea.

Rozy Young South Korean Influencer Who Doesn't Really Exist

Rozy's creators have invented a story that inspires people to follow her, but it's all artificial, it's fake. For example, her official Instagram account shows Rozy shopping, at the pool, traveling to Singapore, playing golf, or dining out. None of it is real, but people like the perfect life of a young woman who doesn't really exist.

Story Rozy South Korean Influencer Doesn't Really Exist

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