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Article: Love At First Sight - Myth Or Reality? Scientists Found An Answer

Love At First Sight - Myth Or Reality? Scientists Found An Answer - DSF Antique Jewelry

Love At First Sight - Myth Or Reality? Scientists Found An Answer

A new study conducted by academics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and published in the journal Scientific Reports shows that love at first sight really does exist. And it happens in two minutes.

According to Israeli researchers who monitored heterosexual couples during their first dates, love appears at first sight and the actual time for love to blossom is about two minutes, according to the Daily Mail.

Researchers have investigated how skin sweat and physical movements change when men and women meet during speed dating. They discover that men and women who were interested in each other romantically had similar skin sweat rates – an indicator of being biologically 'in sync' – within two minutes, they found.
Interested couples also synchronized their physical movements during the meeting - such as a smile, nodding, and the movement of the arms and legs.

What's very interesting is that women are more attracted to in-sync men, than men are attracted to in-sync women.
Love At First Sight Appears In Two Minutes

"Connecting with a partner depends on how well we can synchronize our bodies," said Dr. Shir Atzil of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

"The study showed that within two minutes into the date, physiological synchrony is predictive of the romantic interest," he added.

The processes behind pairing off with a partner – known as partner selection – have long been a topic of scientific internet. But until now, the scientist did not explain "how initial attraction temporally unfolds during an interaction, nor account for mutual physiological or behavioral adaptations that take place when two people become attracted."

The experts recruited 32 heterosexual undergraduate students – 16 men and 16 women – interested in a romantic relationship for this study. The experiment was conducted in three experimental runs of 16 dates, in which a male and a female met for five minutes.
How Scientists Measured "Love"?

During the dates, the men and women had their electrodermal activity recorded through the use of Empatica E4 wrist bands.

Electrodermal activity refers to changes in the resistance of the skin to a small electrical current based on sweat gland activity.

Behavioral movements, such as nodding, moving an arm, and shifting a leg were also recorded in each partner during the dates.

Following the encounter, each couple revealed the romantic interest and sexual attraction they felt for each other. After analyzing the relevant data, the scientists concluded that successful dates – that resulted in a positive match – showed synchronized electrodermal activity within the first two minutes.
"Synchronized" For Ever. Love Is More Than Attraction

Nevertheless, though scientists may be able to explain the chemical reactions in our bodies when we feel attraction toward somebody, what really happens with our souls and hearts when we found love will perhaps forever remain a mystery. As love is more than first sight attraction and chemistry.

Real love, that love who made our species last millennia, is more than chemistry, It's trust, the ability to sacrifice for the people you love, care for, respect, and mutual understanding.

As a famous song says, you really love a woman when you see can see your unborn children in her eyes and a woman really loves a man when she sees herself growing old near him, in health or sickness, in wealth or poverty, and puts her heart in his hands so that he can take care of it forever.
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