Rich People Who Disinherited Their Children: Four Famous Cases

There are many famous rich people who, due to varied reasons, decided to go so far as to disinherit their children. Today, well talk about four of them.

Many parents want to give their children the comfort they need and provide them with everything they've earned in life. But not all people think this way.

When it came to splitting their vast riches, there have been some well-known incidents of wealthy people putting their own children second and giving their money to others.

There are billionaires and multi-millionaires all over the world who did not want to leave their money, houses, luxury automobiles, or other precious assets to their children when they died. Even actress Tori Spelling got a surprise when her father passed away. She expected to receive millions of dollars but got far less than she hoped, according to Click For Women.

Four Famous Cases Of Rich People Who Disinherited Their Children

1. Aaron Spelling

Aaron Spelling, the father of actress Tori Spelling (Dona from "Beverly Hills, 90210"), was a renowned American film and television producer and actor.

Aaron left a $500 million legacy when he died in 2006 from a severe stroke. Aaron Spelling had the largest residence in Los Angeles at the time.

You're undoubtedly curious about his daughter Tori's inheritance. Tori received only 0.003 percent of her father's income due to her excessive spending tendencies. Tori Spelling was known to have a habit of spending around $60,000 on a single shopping spree.

Tori Spelling was sued by various credit card companies in 2016 after she overspent.

2. Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney earned $65,000 per week at the height of his acting career, the equivalent of $250,000 in today's money.

Rooney had nine biological children during his lifetime, but when he died at the age of 93, he left a meager $18,000 to his ex-wife's son.

The will was later challenged by Rooney's biological children, who claimed the actor was "unduly influenced."

3. Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis, the actor from "Some Like It Hot", had six children and acquired a wealth of $60 million during his lifetime.

"I recognize the existence of my children and have purposefully chosen not to gift them anything in this last will and testament," he said in his will.

Tony's children later feared that Tony's previous wife, who was 45 years his junior, had persuaded him to disinherit them.

Tony's ex-wife auctioned off hundreds of his personal belongings and treasures just a year after his death. She received more than $1 million at the sale, while the children received nothing.

4. Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis, an American comedian, has raised an estimated $50 million throughout his lifetime. In his first marriage, he had six children, and with his second wife, he had an adoptive daughter.

In his will, he chose to disinherit his biological children as well as their descendants. Instead, he left his adopted daughter his estate.

Contrary to his comical image on the big screens, one of his children, described his father as, "A mean and evil person. He was never loving and caring towards me and my siblings," said Gary Lewis, Jerry's son.

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