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Article: Mind-Blowing: Some Of Mankind's Strangest Inventions

Mind-Blowing: Some Of Mankind's Strangest Inventions - DSF Antique Jewelry

Mind-Blowing: Some Of Mankind's Strangest Inventions

The human world is full of interesting and intriguing things. Here is a list of some of mankind's strangest inventions that will blow your mind.

It's well known that there are no limits to human desires. This is also true when it comes to human imagination, as well as human ingenuity.

Many of the inventions of mankind have served our species for thousands of years and even today remain irreplaceable.

At the same time, there are others also quite strange and sometimes even funny. Let's talk about some of them.

Discover Some Of Mankind's Strangest Inventions

1. The Overweight Bin Man

The cleanest park in the world is in Belgium. It was created with the help of psychologists who managed to design a rubbish bin in the shape of an overweight man with his mouth wide open.

When someone throws in the rubbish, the "overweight bin man" starts to speak out loud words of thanks. The children queue up to feed the greedy fatties and collect all the rubbish around them.

Smart bins use the voices of famous actors or musicians to thank visitors who throw the rubbish.

2. The Japanese Ultra-Sensitive Talking Purse

On another side of the world, the ingenious Japanese have invented an ultra-sensitive talking purse. It was designed specifically to prevent people suffering from shopping fever from wasting too much money.

The device is fitted with tiny wheels and a tiny camera, with which the wallet "sees" the owner's hand. When the owner intends to open it, the wallet runs away and calls for help. If, however, the owner manages to catch it the wallet will beg loudly: "Please don't touch me".

If he still tries to get money out of it, the wallet will send a text message to the owner's mother, husband, or wife with a report of the money spent.

3. Motorized Boots

In the US, we find... motorized boots. They resemble skating rollers and have to be put on over ordinary shoes.

They are assembled with electric motors and batteries inside. One battery runs for 3-4 hours. Spare batteries can also be purchased.

The ultra-modern boots can develop a speed of 10 kilometers per hour and are equipped with a special remote control for adjusting them.

4. Edible Tableware

A New York company produces edible tableware. When disposable cutlery first appeared, the most excited were doctors, who hoped that the risk of infection would drop considerably. Later, however, it became clear that such utensils pose a serious threat to the ecology of the entire planet.

The American company is trying to mitigate this negative impact by producing glasses that can be consumed after drinking wine from them.

5. A Strange Coffee Maker

In South Africa, a coffee maker has been invented that starts brewing coffee as soon as it notices someone... yawning.

The designers of the invention explained that they decided to connect a facial recognition system to a regular coffee maker, which they "taught" to react automatically when someone starts yawning.

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