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Article: Mysteries Of The World: The Diamond Town In Germany

Mysteries Of The World: The Diamond Town In Germany - DSF Antique Jewelry
Diamond Town

Mysteries Of The World: The Diamond Town In Germany

Did you know that in Germany there is a town built with diamonds in a meteorite crater? Know as "The Diamond Town", Nördlingen is different from any other town in the world.

With a population of over 20,000 people, Nördlingen has a fascinating story shrouded in mystery. It is one of the destinations of the Romantic Route in Germany, in the state of Bavaria.

It is a town surrounded by walls, red roofs, and picturesque streets, but what's most surprising about it is its location: in the middle of a crater.

The Story Of The Diamond Town

It all started 15 million years ago when a meteorite fell on a graphite deposit, resulting in a huge crater (15 miles in diameter and 110-165 yards deep). It is one of the best-preserved impact craters in the world.

Because the meteorite fell on a deposit of graphite, the town is said to have been built with diamonds. The pressure produced 72,000 tonnes of diamonds, which were trapped in the rocks and used to build the town.

But the diamonds are tiny, less than 0.2 mm in size, so they have no practical value, only fairy-tale charm. Still, it's fascinating to know that the buildings throughout the town contain microscopic diamonds, millions upon millions of them.

Time Froze In The Diamond Town

The town was built inside the crater during the Middle Ages and highlights its role in the Thirty Years' War when great battles were fought around it. The town remained almost stuck in the Middle Ages, partly due to the loss of political and economic power after the Thirty Years War. Basically, it remained frozen in time.

In fact, the town as a whole is the highlight of the Middle Ages, not only because of its unique monuments. The walls surrounding it have been completely preserved, the 14th-century houses, public buildings, Renaissance and Baroque houses...

Mysteries of World: The Diamond Town In Germany

It is one of only three towns in Germany to keep its surrounding wall intact, the other two being Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Dinkelsbuhl.

The Kriegerbrunnen is an Art Nouveau fountain in the center of the town.

St. George's Church is one of the largest churches in Germany. The tower is called "Daniel" and is 295 feet high.

From the height of the "Daniel Tower" of St. George's Church, there is a good view of the town. This tower still has guards who symbolically watch over the town and shout, every half hour, starting at 10 pm, "So, G´sell, so" (all good, mates, all good) to announce that no danger is approaching the fortress walls.

There is an interesting story behind the saying "So, G´sell, so". In 1440, two guards left this gate open, being bribed by a count who wanted to storm the town. Luckily a woman who had gone out to catch the escaped pig saw it and started shouting as loud as she could so that it could be heard all over town. It is not known how true this is, but it is known that the two guards were executed.

Romantic German Road

This is the most popular tourist route in Germany. It is about 375 km long and links towns with ancient fortresses steeped in history, medieval squares and castles, palaces, churches, and monasteries, as well as breathtaking landscapes of vineyards and forests.

This route was very important during the Middle Ages as it connected southern and central Germany and now passes through more than 60 locations in south-eastern Germany, mainly in the states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.

We invite you to explore for yourself the ancient "Diamond Town" in Germany, Nördlingen, by watching this interesting video.

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