The Most Expensive Earrings In The World - Why Are They So Special?

Women love earrings. But how much would somebody pay for a pair? Well, the amounts can be astronomical. This is the case with the Apollo & Artemis diamond earrings.

People use jewelry as an indicator of high social standing and maybe that's why Apollo and Artemis sold for such a shocking sum - 57.4 million. We don't know if "status" was the reason for the unbelievable price they reached but, one thing is certain, they are gorgeous...

Apollo & Artemis - The World's Most Expensive Earrings

The diamonds, known as "Apollo" and "Artemis", one a bright blue gem and the other a bright pink gem, were sold in 2017 for $ 57.4 million, becoming the most expensive earrings ever auctioned.
Most Expensive Earrings In The World - Why Are They So Special?
Both pairs of earrings, auctioned by Sotheby's, were purchased by an anonymous buyer, who soon after changed their name: the blue diamond was named "Memory of Autumn Leaves" and the pink diamond "Dream of Autumn Leaves."

Artemis was auctioned for $15.3 million while Apollo set the world record as the most expensive earrings in the world, being sold for the insane amount of $ 42 million.

Regarding the sale of Apollo and Artemis diamonds, a Sotheby's expert stated that he was satisfied that both pieces remain together.

The Characteristics of The Most Expensive Earrings

Certified Fancy Vivid Blue by the American Gem Institute (GIA) and weighing 14.54 carats, Apollo Blue is one of the largest diamonds in this category ever put up for auction. The stone is cut and shaped into a pear shape.
The Most Expensive Earrings In The World  Are They So Special?
Weighing 16.00 carats and certified fancy intense pink diamond, the Artemis diamond has been determined to be a Type IIa diamond. Type IIa diamonds are the most chemically pure type of diamond and often have exceptional optical transparency. The diamond is also pear-shaped.

The Apollo Blue diamond earring was originally estimated at $ 38 million to $ 50 million, while the Artemis Pink diamond earring was estimated at $ 12.5-18 million.

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