Rafael Nadal Turned Down The Queen Of England. What Happened?

Tennis legend Rafael Nadal once rejected Queen Elizabeth II, Great Britain's most longevity sovereign of all times.

Currently ranked 5th in the world, Nadal has earned his place among tennis celebrities. He has worked hard for his fame and position.

Rafael Nadal recently withdrew from Wimbledon due to injury. The Spaniard was due to face Australian Nick Kyrgios Kyrgios in the semi-finals but announced he was unable to play due to a torn abdominal muscle.

Nadal also missed the 2019 SW19 tournament after suffering a leg injury for which he received special treatment before attending Wimbledon this year.

Rafael Nadal Turned Down Queen Elizabeth II

According to Ok Magazine, it seems the 36-year-old tennis has had to make some sacrifices to achieve such success, even turning down an invitation from the Queen of England.

In 2010, Nadal admitted that he refused to meet Queen Elizabeth II because he wanted to focus on his second-round match at Wimbledon.

He had been invited to spend time with Her Majesty during her rare visit to the All England Club.

The Queen showed little interest in tennis, attending Wimbledon only four times, the occasion marking her last visit to the club. It was also her first time attending since 1977.

Despite being offered the opportunity once in his life, Nadal decided it was too risky to disrupt his pre-match routine against Dutchman Robin Haase.

He was worried he might be left with too little time to prepare.

"It was disappointing for me, but the people at the club knew I had my pre-match routine. I knew it was going to be a tough competition. I had to train then, so it was impossible for me to meet the Queen. I had to practice at that time, so it was impossible for me to meet her," Nadal said at the time.

The star had hoped the Queen would stay to watch his match, but she left after witnessing Britain's Andy Murray win. "Seriously, I thought the Queen would be at my match and I would have loved the chance to meet her after the match. But it wasn't possible because the Queen left beforehand. For me it was disappointing," Nadal said.

He believes this meant no disrespect to the Queen, as he had to "do what he thought was best to win the match".

Perhaps he made the right decision, as the Spaniard emerged victorious in his battle with Robin Haase.

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