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Article: Scientific Study: Meditation Has The Power To Make Us Better Persons

Scientific Study: Meditation Has The Power To Make Us Better Persons - DSF Antique Jewelry

Scientific Study: Meditation Has The Power To Make Us Better Persons

One of the secrets of ancient wisdom is that meditation practices have to power to fundamentally change people, to make them better persons.

Don't you think the world we live in needs more kindness? If we all tried to have a little patience and compassion, wouldn't we live easier? The answer is certainly YES, says The Epoch Times.

But how can we make sure that in the whirlwind of endless daily contradictions, we don't forget the most important thing in life? It seems there is, however, an effective remedy. According to scientists, meditation practice can help us become better persons.

A study conducted by researchers at Northeastern University revealed that the possibilities of meditation are not just limited to achieving a much better physical and psychological state. Meditation is even capable of making us more kind and benevolent.
Meditation makes us better people

Study Reveals One Of The Secrets Of Meditation

According to the journal "Psychological Science", the scientists tested several study participants regarding their levels of compassion.

As a research subject, they used the human being's desire to help someone experiencing physical pain, while others in close proximity remain completely indifferent. At the beginning of the study, only 15% of the participants were willing to intervene and offer help.

The researchers used several meditation methods in different groups of volunteers and compared the results. It turned out that after meditation, about 50% of participants showed a willingness to help people with severe physical pain. There was no difference between the meditation methods used during the study.
Mediation peace mind body
"A really surprising finding," said study author David DeStino. "Meditation made people act with more kindness and help those who suffer when others remained indifferent. Usually, the effect of using an outside observer who remains indifferent to what is happening reduces the willingness to help. The effect of meditation is, therefore, all the more surprising."

Meditation Changes Our Brain

Previous scientific studies have already confirmed that meditation is able to change our brains on a physical level.

Brain (EEG) studies have shown that during meditation the brain produces very high-intensity gamma waves, which are associated with consciousness, attention, and memory. Also, excessive activity was observed in the left prefrontal cortex, which creates "unprecedented happiness potential" and drastically reduces negative tendencies.

Meditation exercises mind body

Do you feel that you don't have enough tolerance and want to radiate compassion to others? Turn to meditation! It's no coincidence that this ancient method has spanned millennia and become so popular, spreading all over the world. Meditation can make us healthier, happier, and more compassionate.

Discover The Falun Dafa Meditation Practice

If you want to truly discover a life-changing meditation practice, we warmly recommend you to try Falun Dafa. It's free of charge and it does wonders to those who practice it!

Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance are the principles that stand at the core of this ancient meditation practice.

Universe meditation

Falun Gong refines or cultivates the mind and the body simultaneously, and its health and spiritual benefits are recognized around the world.

Falun Dafa and its founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi, have received more than 3000 awards and proclamations from all over the globe. Mr. Li Hongzhi has also been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and the Sakharov Award for Independent thoughts.

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