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Article: The Door To Happiness: How To Find Peace and Health In Our Crazy World

The Door To Happiness: How To Find Peace and Health In Our Crazy World - DSF Antique Jewelry
Ancient Meditation

The Door To Happiness: How To Find Peace and Health In Our Crazy World

People use to say: you are what you eat. But you are not only that, you also are what you think...

Fed with negative thoughts, a human being becomes in time unhappy and sick, while when having a mind filled with good thoughts you'll be happier and healthier. There is no longer a mystery that the way we think as well as the way we speak and act greatly influences our health and life quality.

The famous Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto proved beyond any doubt that human consciousness can affect the molecular structure of water. His experiments revealed that water exposed to positive words and thoughts created beautiful ice crystals while negative intentions yielded "ugly" ice formations. And, if we think that the human body is over 60% water, imagine what can we do to ourselves with our thoughts.

So, think how well would you feel if the water in your body and brain is peaceful and calm. And a solution for achieving this is practicing meditation - a very effective method that can free your mind from the circle of overthinking...

Meditation Can Change Your Life

Western psychologists have confirmed what spiritual people in the East have known for centuries: over-thinking is one of the greatest enemies of happiness.

But why do we think so much? The answer is easy: the world has become more and more complex and the amount of information we receive daily has grown exponentially, our minds are often caught in a vicious circle of thinking process from which it is difficult to escape. And not all our thoughts are positive, quite the opposite. We are trying to solve problems that exhaust us, we're confronted with negative emotions, we are under a permanent assault of worries and questions...
Falun Dafa Meditation
Meditation can free the mind from this circle and, at least temporarily, bring us peace and calm. And I dare to say not only temporary, as meditation teaches us something extremely important: we are not our thoughts, these are caused by external factors, and, if we really want, we can extract ourselves out of the whirlwind that always spins them and break free of them.

We may not be able to control what kind of thoughts came into our minds, but WE DO HAVE THE POWER to choose which thoughts to follow and which not. This is a Magical Discovery that may change lives. Because if you do not follow and feed the dark thoughts in your mind, they will die. Or, at least, they will leave you and you'll become a free, peaceful, happy person.

How To Meditate

Meditation can be difficult because we are used to thinking all the time. For most people, even the idea of staying a few minutes without doing something and without thinking seems completely awkward and even scary.

Nevertheless, meditating is possible. And by meditation, we do not necessarily tell you to stay in the lotus position and become like a Tibetan monk overnight... Instead, you may try a few simple things. Simple but which can bring powerful positive effects.
Meditation Peace and Health In Our Crazy World
Just go, for example, to lay on the green grass and look at a tree. Just watch the wind playing with the leaves, the birds singing, and insects going up and down on his bark, listen to nature, and smile. Don't think of anything. Just watch. Enjoy the beauty. BE THE TREE. Try doing this and you may have the surprise that you will be the tree. You will be the wind and the song and the peace and beauty. For are what you enjoy and what you fill yourself with.

Or try to sit near a river and watch the water flowing down, the sun's rays playing on it, listen to its soothing sound, and empty yourself of any thoughts. Be one with the water and you will notice how your thoughts are washed away, they flow away and inside of you only peace will remain.

Falun Dafa - A Benefic Meditation Practice

And if you want to truly meditate, we highly recommend Falun Dafa meditation. This spiritual practice is embraced by tens of millions of people all over the world for its benefit. And it is completely free of cost.

Falun Dafa mediation and exercises (there are five exercises, four in standing posture and one sitting meditation) improve both physical and mental health. The exercises are easy to do and the meditation helps you not only to calm your mind but also to raise your self-awareness.

In addition, the practice will help you to become a better person - a person your family, friends, and society will appreciate more - as it has a set of teachings based on three core principles - Truth, Compassion, Forbearance - that guide you to better understand life, the universe and became the best version of yourself. More information about Falun Dafa, here.

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