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Article: Ten Lesser Known Facts About Princess Diana

Ten Lesser Known Facts About Princess Diana - DSF Antique Jewelry

Ten Lesser Known Facts About Princess Diana

Princess Diana was one of the most influential people of the 20th century. Although she lived much of her life in the spotlight, here are ten lesser-known facts you probably don't know about her.

Princess Diana of Wales, the late Princess of Hearts was, without a doubt, a fascinating woman, and her life had several particularities you probably don't know about. Pro TV made an interesting list in this regard.

Here Are 10 Lesser Known Facts About Princess Diana:

1. Princess Diana Was The Fourth Of Five Children

She had two sisters, Sarah (now Lady Sarah McCorquodale) and Jane (now Lady Jane Fellowes), and a younger brother, Charles Spencer (now Earl Spencer). Her other brother, John Spencer, died a few hours after birth.

2. Lady Di's Parents Divorced When She Was Only 7

Princess Diana's parents, Frances Shand Kydd and Edward John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer, divorced when she was 7. The reasons given by the Princess of Wales' mother were physical abuse and infidelity.

3. She Wanted To Be A Ballerina But She Was Too Tall

The princess of Wales studied ballet for a long time. She wanted to become a professional dancer, but her height prevented her from taking her dream further.

4. Princess Diana Was The First Royal Bride To Have A Paid Job

When she married Prince Charles in 1981, Diana became the first royal bride to ever have a paid job.


5. Prince Charles Dated Her Sister

Diana met Prince Charles through her older sister Sarah. Prince Charles and Sarah went out a few times before Diana met her future husband.

6. Prince Charles Was Her Distant Cousin

Diana and Charles were, in fact, distant relatives. They were 16th cousins, both descended from King Henry VII of the Tudor dynasty. Prince William and Kate Middleton are also distant relatives.

7. Her Wedding Dress Broke A Record

The wedding dress worn by Princess Diana at her wedding, with a train of over 7 and a half meters of silk, was the longest in the history of royal weddings. The dress was made by David and Elizabeth Emanuel.


8. Lady Di Had An Affair With Her Bodyguard

Barry Mannakee was a police officer in the Royal Protection Squad, before spending a year as Princess Diana's bodyguard. He was transferred from his post because there was an "unusually close relationship" between the two.

The Princess revealed she was "deeply in love" and was "very happy to give it all up and go and live with him". The man died in a motorcycle accident when he was only 39. The princess was convinced that the bodyguard's death was caused by their affair.


9. The Engagement Ring Kate Middleton Received From Prince William Belonged To Princess Diana

The famous sapphire ring Kate Middleton received from Prince William for her engagement was Princess Diana's. She purchased it from a catalog of Garrard's collectors' jewelry.

10. The Title Of "Her Royal Highness" Was Revoked After Her Divorce

After Prince Charles divorced her in 1996, the title of "Her Royal Highness" was removed, with the Prince himself insisting that this should happen.

According to the terms of their divorce, "she must relinquish her right to be Queen of England and be called Her Royal Highness," the New York Times reported.

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