Ten Strange Things That Can Only Be Bought In China

There are many strange things you can buy in this world, but check out this list of things that can be purchased in mainland China.

1. Live Crabs In Vending Machines

If you ever end up at the subway station in the southern Chinese city of Nanjing, you can find in the vending machine there live crabs for sale. A constant temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, which is necessary for the crabs to live, is maintained in the machine at all times to keep them fresh and fit for consumption.

Strange Things That Can Only  Bought China

2. "Panda" Tea

Panda bear excrement is used as fertilizer during the growth of this tea, which is one of the most expensive in the world, and only the richest Chinese can afford to buy it.

Ten Strange Things Only Be Bought In China

3. Canned... Air

Air pollution in mainland China is a growing threat to health, which is why businessman Chen Guanbyao used it as an opportunity to start a business. So he created... air cans.

Cans Ten Strange Things That Can Only Be Bought In China

4. Live Animal Key Rings

Tiny baby turtles and goldfish are placed in a sealed plastic package containing a nutrient solution and made into keyrings. These little animals can survive in such a package for only three months. These products have shocked members of animal welfare organizations.

Ten Things That Can Only Be Bought In China

5. International Image

Chinese companies pay Westerners money to attend important international conferences to make the organization look more "international".

6. Crocodiles And Sharks In The Supermarket

In the fresh seafood department (marine delicacies), the Chinese supermarket chain Walmart sells crocodiles and sharks. Because it is believed that eating crocodile meat will help cure your asthma. It is also believed that eating shark meat helps improve the function of internal organs.

Ten Strange Things Only Be Bought In China croc

7. Corpses For intermarriage Between The Dead

In the Chinese city of Yanan, Shanxi province, four people are engaged in illegal grave digging. They dig up the graves, steal corpses (usually women) and sell them at a high price to deceased men to officiate at their postmortem marriages. Post-mortem marriages are made out of superstitions related to reincarnation.

Strange Ten Things That Can Only Bought In China

8. "Replacers" For The Wealthy Criminals

Wealthy Chinese do not want to go to court and serve their sentence. So they pay an important sum of money and someone else stands in their place, so a certain proportion of the real criminals enjoy freedom.

9. "Avatar" Meat

Shanghai residents buy homemade pork from some food markets, which glows blue in the dark because it is contaminated with a type of phosphorescent bacteria. This makes it very similar to the characters in the film "Avatar".

Things That Can Only Bought In China Ten Strange

10. Order Moto-Taxi At Rush Hour

In China's large and medium-sized cities, traffic jams have become commonplace. Being stuck in the middle of the road gets you nowhere. What to do then? If you have an urgent problem you can call a motorbike taxi immediately.

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