The Bizarre Habits Of King Charles. Why Does He Always Brings His Toilet Seat With Him?

Why does the new King of Great Britain - Charles III - carry his toilet paper, toilet seat, and bed with him wherever he goes?

King Charles III (73) is Britain's new sovereign after the death of his mother, and this posture also brings to light some of his peculiar and bizarre habits.

According to passages in the book "The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor", Charles has some rather bizarre personal habits.

The Bizarre Habits Of King Charles III

Among them is traveling everywhere with his personal toilet seat and Kleenex Velvet toilet paper.

King Charles also has a personal bed in the truck that accompanies him.

King Charles puts great importance on his own comfort and loves luxury, which was not exactly to Elizabeth II's liking, as his mother often criticized him for his habits.
Bizarre Habits Of King Charles. Why Does He Always Brings
Among his other requirements for the newly crowned king is ironing his shoelaces every morning and his pajamas at night before bed. At the same time, one of his valets is tasked with squeezing an inch of toothpaste from his toothbrush every time he brushes.

King Charles is used to drinking a hot drink every morning, a cup of Darjeeling tea, a type of black tea, and a glass of fruit juice, which helps to maintain a healthy heart and normalize blood pressure. 

When Will Charles We Crowned

King Charles III will be officially crowned on June 3, 2023, according to Bloomberg, which quotes British officials. Buckingham Palace has yet not confirmed the information.

That date will mark 70 years since the coronation of the late sovereign Elizabeth II, whose ceremony took place on June 2, 1953.

The coronation will take place in a ceremony at Westminster Abbey. The ceremony would be smaller and more modest than that of Queen Elizabeth II.

More than 8,000 guests from 129 countries attended the Queen's coronation. Special platforms have been set up for this purpose. For security reasons, a maximum of 2,000 people are now allowed in the church.

In June 2023, King Charles III will be 74 years old. He will become the oldest crowned monarch in British history. 

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