The Types Of Food That The British Royal Family Will Not Eat

There are certain types of food that the members of the British Royal Family will not touch. And here is why.

The food preferences of members of the Royal Family are very specific, and few people know which foods Queen Elisabeth II and the rest of the family stay away from.

The Royal Family has the best chefs in the world at their disposal, but certain foods are never on their menu. And there are reasons behind this, of course. Let us explore them together!

The British Royal Family Doesn't Eat Seafood

For example, members of the Royal Family don't eat seafood because there is a risk of food poisoning, which can interfere with their schedule.

Grant Harrold, a former royal butler and expert on royal etiquette, told the Daily Express, "When dining out, members of the Royal Family have to be careful with seafood because of food poisoning and their work schedule."

Queen Elisabeth II Dislikes Onions And Garlic

"So you won't normally find this food on royal menus. The Queen also dislikes onions and garlic, so the two vegetables are not found in the royal kitchen."
THE ROYAL family
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The former royal butler pointed out that, during an episode of Master Chef Australia, Prince Charles' wife Camilla confirmed this when asked what dishes her family does not eat.

"I hate to say it, but garlic. Garlic is a big no," Camilla said.

No Foie Gras For The Royal Family

The Royal Family also stays away from foie gras (force-fed goose liver). Prince Charles called for the food to be removed from the Royal Family menu several years ago. He has asked his chefs not to buy foie gras because of the abusive practices involved in making it.

The Queen would eat the same breakfast in the morning every day, according to Hello. She would prefer to eat cereal, yogurt, toast, marmalade, Earl Gray tea, and cookies in the morning.

On the other hand, Prince Charles would prefer to have only two meals a day, namely breakfast and dinner.

Gordon Rayner, a former royal correspondent, told the Telegraph, as quoted by Marie Claire: "Lunch is seen as a luxury that gets in the way of his work schedule, so he eats a late breakfast and works at the same time."

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