Top 10 Items That Make Women Happy

Have you ever wondered which are the top 10 items that make most women happy? We got the answer for you.

According to a study commissioned by the website, for many women, the most desirable item is a beautiful bag, preferably made by a famous fashion designer. Of course, good-quality handbags are also quite expensive, but they are also the most satisfying purchase for a woman.

After handbags, women are particularly fond of buying shoes with heels. One in four women say that for them the pleasure of buying a fashionable bag is as great as the pleasure of buying stylish shoes, Daily Mail reports.

If we think about it, handbags are the accessory women use the most, and they need to go with every outfit they own so there is huge satisfaction in finding the perfect bag.

Discovering The Top 10 Items That Make Women Happy

The study was done on a sample of 2,000 women.

"Everyone knows that women love shopping but it's interesting to see what items women get the most pleasure from buying.
shopping-fine-estate-vintage-antique-jewelry-for-saleAnd anyone who has ever seen a woman on payday knows how much pleasure a woman gets from splashing their cash on something they have had their eye on for a while.

Seeing something you fancy in a magazine advert means you often have days or weeks to think about it before you get paid and can afford it," said spokesman Dermot Dennehy.

A summer dress, a well-fitting pair of jeans, as well as beauty products, and underwear were among the other items which women were excited to buy.

Here Are The Top 10 Items That Make Women Happy

1. Handbags

2. Shoes

3. Dresses

4. Concert tickets

5. Jeans 

6. Jewelry

7. Black mini dress

8. Chocolate

9. Underwear

10. Cosmetics

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