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Article: The Story Of The World's Most Expensive Piece Of Jewelry

The Story Of The World's Most Expensive Piece Of Jewelry - DSF Antique Jewelry

The Story Of The World's Most Expensive Piece Of Jewelry

The Cartier diamond necklace Queen Elizabeth II received as a gift for her engagement to Prince Philip is probably the world's most expensive piece of jewelry. Here is the story of this unique accessory.

Queen Elizabeth II's passion for jewelry is well known. She is the owner of a priceless collection of jewelry, much of which is now on loan to younger members of the British royal household.

But one piece in the sovereign's collection is truly special - the world's most expensive piece of jewelry, a Cartier necklace estimated to be worth no less than 65 to 70 million pounds (88 - 95 million dollars), according to

The Story Behind World's Most Expensive Jewelry Piece

The amazing Cartier diamond necklace is named after the Nizam of Hyderabad and was received by Elizabeth in 1947, five years before she ascended the British throne.

The necklace was given to Princess Elizabeth at the time by the ruler (or Nizam) of the Indian state of Hyderabad on the occasion of her engagement to Philip Mountbatten. Hyderabad was located in the central-southern part of the Indian subcontinent and was then under British colonial rule.

Considered at that time one of the richest men in the world, the Indian ruler gave an incredible gift to the future bride. He told her to choose whatever she wanted from Cartier.

Princess Elizabeth then chose two pieces. An exquisite floral tiara, which included three detachable accessories that could be worn as brooches and a floral necklace known as the Nizam of Hyderabad necklace.

The Cartier Necklace Is Truly Extraordinary

Steven Stone’s Creative Director, Maxwell Stone, explained that this is by far one of the most precious pieces of jewelry from the British Royal Family.
Queen Elizabeth The World's Most Expensive Piece Of Jewelry
"The necklace, which was made by Cartier in 1935, is extremely intricate featuring over 50 diamonds nestled in an abstract floral design.

With an array of enormous pavé set stones and a detachable double-drop pendant, the necklace features 13 emerald and pear-shaped diamonds linked to a chain of a further 38 brilliant-cut stones. A piece like this is truly one of a kind.
Queen The Story Of The World's Most Expensive Piece Of Jewelry
This unique necklace is likely to be worth around £65million to £70million, making it one of the most valuable royal family pieces we've seen," Maxwell Stone commented.

Kate Middleton Also Wears The Cartier Necklace

The Cartier necklace, with over 50 diamonds set in platinum, is one of the Queen's favorite jewelry pieces and is now lent to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, on various occasions.

The spectacular piece of jewelry was worn by the 95-year-old Queen when she posed for several official portraits throughout her long reign.

Not only the diamond necklace is a historical accessory, but also the famous "Vladimir Tiara". It belonged to the Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia, cousin of Tsar Nicholas II, and is now in the possession of Queen Elizabeth II.

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