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Article: Ancient Wisdom: The Surprising Healing Effects of Metals

Ancient Wisdom: The Surprising Healing Effects of Metals - DSF Antique Jewelry

Ancient Wisdom: The Surprising Healing Effects of Metals

Different metals contain and emit different types of energies, some of which can be used for therapeutic purposes, having surprising healing effects on our body.

The negative influences on the normal functions of the body, mind, and spirit can be counteracted by the use of precious and semiprecious stones, as well as different kinds of metals. Applied to the skin, they have an electromagnetic influence that acts on cells and deeper tissues.

Both the physical health of the individual, as well as the mental and spiritual health, depend on cosmic influences. Just as a house is protected from lightning by a lightning rod, so too can the human body be protected from electrical and magnetic radiation from the atmosphere using metals and precious or semiprecious stones.

Metals such as gold, silver, iron, copper, tin, mercury, lead, and others, have enormous healing energy.

Pure metals emit energy that forms a shield against the negative influences of the planets. However, even pure metals can contain certain toxic impurities to vital organs, such as the kidneys, liver, spleen, and heart. Therefore, some methods of purifying these metals are recommended, such as heating and treating the metal with oil, milk, ghee, or borscht from cereals.

These ancient methods achieve a greater purification of the metal than the present chemical treatments and allow human tissues to receive the beneficial influences of metals without any toxic effects.

Below, we will describe the beneficial effects of several well-known metals.

Well-Known Metals And Their Healing Qualities

GOLD is an effective tonic in the case of diseases associated with the nervous system. It improves memory and intelligence, strengthens heart muscles, and increases resistance to fatigue. Gold also helps people with epilepsy, hysteria, heart attacks, weak lungs, arthritis, and spleen disorders.

Its energy can be used in the form of golden medicinal water. To prepare such water, boil two glasses of water in which a gold jewel (without any precious stone) was placed until half the amount of water evaporates. The energy of gold (golden electrons) will spread in the water during boiling. Take one teaspoon of this water, two or three times a day.


Alternatively, you can use precision colloidal gold prepared in the laboratory, which can be found in health food stores. Golden water energizes the heart and strengthens the weak pulse, it also improves memory, intelligence, and understanding by stimulating the awakening of consciousness.

Gold has strong properties and some people cannot tolerate it and may have skin rashes.

SILVER has very important healing properties. It promotes increased strength and endurance of the body, strengthening the immune system. Silver is a strong antiseptic and helps in states of exhaustion, chronic fever, weakness after fever, heartburn, inflammation of the intestines, bladder hyperactivity, and in the case of heavy menstruation.

Silver ash is used successfully in diseases of the heart, liver, and spleen. Silver water is prepared in the same way as gold water.

Drink heated milk in a silver bowl to increase endurance and physical strength. Wash your face with water kept for a few hours in a silver bowl to keep your skin bright and prevent acne and irritation. In the past, people put a silver coin in milk to keep it fresh longer.

Silver is the metal that kills the most bacteria and viruses, so in the past nobles who ate food and liquids from silver vessels were much safer from disease and epidemics.

Colloidal silver is also available in stores, which can be an effective natural remedy for many viral diseases: from a simple cold to a stomach problem, they can be successfully treated with a few teaspoons of colloidal silver.

PLATINUM has an intense use in medicine, one of the best-known applications being in the treatment of cancer. However, the platinum compounds used have many side effects, with the Pt3 platinum ions being toxic to both normal and malignant cells.

dsf-antique-jewelry art-deco-platinum-emerald-cut-brilliant-cut-baguette-diamond-emerald-bracelet

However, platinum in metallic form, Pt0, is not toxic, being non-reactive, and in the form of nanoparticles, that is to say in the colloidal form at the time of its dispersion in liquids, is has special beneficial effects.

Platinum is an extremely powerful antioxidant, it helps to regenerate the tissues of the heart, thymus, endocrine, and nervous system improves memory, and generates an increased state of lucidity.

IRON is beneficial for the bone marrow, bone tissue, red blood cells, liver, and spleen. It stimulates the production of red blood cells, and it is widely used in the treatment of anemia. It is used as an antidote for the enlargement of the liver or spleen. Iron strengthens muscle and nerve tissue, having rejuvenating properties.

COPPER helps reduce excess fat, being a good tonic for the liver, spleen, and lymphatic system. It is mainly used by people with a tendency to gain weight, retain water, or lymphatic obstruction. It is very useful in curing anemia.

To treat obesity and liver and spleen diseases, wash ten copper coins in lime water and boil them in a quarter of a liter of water until half of the amount remains. Take two teaspoons of this copper water three times a day for a month. It also helps a lot to wear a brass bracelet on your wrist.

Copper can also be found in the colloidal form in specialty stores. It can help in the wound healing processes, by regenerating the skin's own collagen. In addition, due to the ability of colloidal copper to restore collagen and the effects it has on the skin in general, generating a certain smoothness and firmness, colloidal copper can be used successfully, as such, or in the composition of face creams, to combat the unpleasant effects of skin aging.

It is also good against burns of any kind, being a good remedy in the summer at the seaside if you have spent too much time in the sun.

LEAD is a very effective remedy for skin diseases, used in the treatment of leukorrhea, vaginal secretions, inflammation, gonorrhea, and syphilis.

MERCURY is a heavy and strong metal. It is considered the seed of the god Shiva, in Indian mythology, stimulating intelligence and awakening consciousness. It helps stimulate the enzyme system, transform and regenerate tissues.

It should not be used alone but in combination with sulfur. These two metals allow the healing properties of plants to penetrate to the more subtle channels and tissues of the body.

TIN is a natural element of rejuvenation. Tin ash is used to treat diabetes, gonorrhea, syphilis, asthma, respiratory infections, anemia, skin, lung, and lymphatic obstructions.

The True Secret Of Health And Happiness

These metals are the most frequently used for therapeutic purposes. The use of metals to combat certain diseases will be done only under medical supervision because each person comes with a certain genetic background, with certain unique characteristics, so several particularities must be taken into account.

All forms of matter are external manifestations of the universal energy, which is the essence of everything. And the truth is, Mother Nature has given us many things that can help us to heal or balance our body. But the true secret to a healthy and happy life lies elsewhere.

Try to be more truthful, compassionate, and tolerant. Try to be more selfless, more kind, and understanding with those around you, thus avoiding problems, conflicts, and quarrels and you will see that our diseases fade or heal, because everything has to do with balance, common sense, and the desire to change for the better.

Try to be more beautiful inside, this is the key to keep your mind and body healthy. At that point, the metals and precious or semiprecious stones will be used only as decorative elements, that will adorn our bodies and give us a sense of beauty and satisfaction.

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