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Article: Antique or Vintage Emerald Jewelry will Make you Feel Like a Queen

Antique or Vintage Emerald Jewelry will Make you Feel Like a Queen - DSF Antique Jewelry
Antique Jewelry

Antique or Vintage Emerald Jewelry will Make you Feel Like a Queen

Also known as the "stone of kings", emerald is the most vibrant green precious gem in history. The stunning color, as well as the myths and mystical properties associated with it, has raised vintage emerald jewelry to a special status in the eyes of the world.

It's no wonder Cleopatra, the most famous queen of ancient Egypt, was fascinated by emeralds, and often wore gold jewelry with emeralds to highlight the beauty of her eyes. She literally surrounded herself with emeralds, the precious stones were even caught in the furniture and walls of the palace.

It is said that on the day she met the Roman general Julius Caesar, Cleopatra greeted him wearing a tiara and gold bracelets with pearls and emeralds. At her feet, there were holly Egyptian cats that were wearing emerald jewelry as well, so the queen’s eyes could stand out even more.

Vintage emerald jewelry are timeless treasures

Emerald is one of the rarest and most beloved gemstones, due to its beauty, rarity, as well as special qualities.
The name comes from ancient Greek, from the word "smaragdos", which was taken by the Greeks from the Sanskrit language, meaning "the green of things that grow".

Emerald ring

The natural emeralds discovered today were formed hundreds of millions of years ago. Is a very rare gemstone.

And only the best quality emeralds are clear and flawless. Most have small mineral inclusions or fractures. So, the perfect emeralds are extremely valuable, due to their rarity, are often even more valuable than diamonds of the same quality.

The mystical world of emerald vintage jewelry

Emerald is shrouded in eternal mysteries. This unique gemstone has always been surrounded by myths and legends and has been associated with special mystical properties, as well as beneficial effects on the body, both physically and mentally.

Some said that emerald was the gift of the gods, and it is not at all surprising that the gem came to be known as the "king's stone."

Legend has it that the emerald was one of the four precious stones given by God to King Solomon. With these four special gemstones, the king was endowed with power over all creatures. 

In some legends of King Arthur, the Holy Grail is described as inlaid with emeralds.

In ancient Rome, the emerald was the sacred stone of Venus, the goddess of love, also known as Aphrodite in Greek culture. The Babylonians also believed that the stone was the embodiment of this goddess.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the emerald represented fertility and rebirth, and thought that a talisman with emeralds could delay physical and mental aging, while the Romans saw it considered as the stone of love, hope, and wisdom.

Many Egyptian pharaohs and high priests were buried wearing emerald jewelry around their necks as a symbol of eternal youth.

People believed for a long time in the magical properties of emeralds, oftentimes been considered as the stone of hope and luck. It is believed that these precious stones have the power to confer wisdom, amplify sincerity, harmony, and inner balance, as well as protect against negative energy. Others think that emerald stones would help people when they do good deeds and help them understand the divine signs.

In some spiritual circles, emerald is associated with the ability to predict future events, also known as clairvoyance, as well as to reveal the truth and to be protected against evil spells.

When you wear emerald vintage jewelry, in addition to impressing those around you with their beauty, you will be able to convey a strong message through the symbolism of this stone and the legends that have been woven around it since antiquity.

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Antique Jewelry

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