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Article: Calvaire Jewelry - A Fascinating Brand Sought By Collectors

Calvaire Jewelry - A Fascinating Brand Sought By Collectors - DSF Antique Jewelry

Calvaire Jewelry - A Fascinating Brand Sought By Collectors

Calvaire jewelry is a must-have! It's one of the world brands that is sought after by both collectors and lovers of beauty.

In this rich and abounding jewelry world, Calvaire managed to stand out for its finesse, among other things.

At the same time, the fact that Calvaire jewelry is not found on every street corner makes it even more appreciated and desired.

Calvaire Jewelry - A Fascinating Brand Sought By Collectors
Photo Credit: Sapphire and Diamond Necklace / Wikipedia
Calvaire Jewelry – The Journey

In the 1920s, Rachel "Ray" Calish and Stella Aronson established Calvaire, Inc. in New York.

These partners began as importers who would visit other countries to choose jewelry to be made and branded for their company.

The majority of the early Calvaire jewelry probably came from France.

However, jewelry marked Calvaire was produced in the United States during the Second World War.

The company's collapse started in the 1950s, when co-founder and business bookkeeper Rachel C. Calish passed away on September 9, 1951, in New York.

It is unknown exactly how long Calvaire operated.

But there is proof that Calvaire jewelry was sold until at least 1957.

Some jewelry historians think Calvaire may have remained in operation well into the 1960s based on some of the jewelry designs bearing one of the many different Calvaire marks.

The Fascinating Calvaire Jewelry Pieces

Sterling silver is frequently used in Calvaire jewelry. These pieces are now considered difficult to locate.

The lack of a "signature look" for this company leads jewelry historians to suspect that many distinct manufacturers made jewelry for the brand.

Over a number of decades, Calvaire also sold purses and various pocketbook accessories. They are even more elusive than the company's enigmatic jewels.

The majority of collectors believe Calvaire jewelry to be quite rare. That is undoubtedly true for the top items, which are rare to find on the market, according to WorthPoint.

Among other unique items, among the intriguing Calvaire pieces, we find statement bracelets, delicately enameled pin clips, and harlequin sterling silver brooches.

As with many brands of costume jewelry, there are some items that are a little simpler to find and more reasonably priced.

This category might include several miniature brooches as well as sterling silver spray pins. You could also search for Calvaire necklaces.

Also, Calvaire created numerous figural items.

These include enameled sterling silver rooster earrings, flower brooch, earring sets, frog family sets, and dog pins featuring a variety of breeds that range from being beautifully detailed to somewhat quirky.

Markings Of Calvaire Jewelry

The hallmarks used by Rachel Calish and Stella Aronson come in a variety of forms:

1. "Calvaire" in script
2. "Sterling Calvaire"
3. "Le Petit Paris, Calvaire, Paris – New York"


All Calvaire jewelry is currently rare and collectible, and its cost rises yearly.

It goes without saying that rare jewelry sparks even more interest, and owning such pieces will definitely help you stand out if you pursue this.

Aside from the desire to own something rare, Calvaire jewelry can be a great gift for your wife or daughter, and a suitable accessory for an evening of dancing or a masquerade ball.

In addition, almost every woman wants to turn all heads at a fancy banquet, to cause a sensation and, perhaps, a little innocent envy.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to own Calvaire jewelry, you certainly won't regret this choice.
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