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Article: How To Wear Gold Jewelry To Look Gorgeous Every Day

How To Wear Gold Jewelry To Look Gorgeous Every Day - DSF Antique Jewelry

How To Wear Gold Jewelry To Look Gorgeous Every Day

Gold jewelry pieces are the most beloved women's accessories. Refined and elegant, if carefully chosen, they can make you look gorgeous no matter what outfit you wear.

Many women think gold jewelry should be worn only for special evening events, but it is not like that, in our opinion.

Gold is versatile and if you know the type of jewelry to choose, you can bring glamour and sophistication to almost all the clothes you wear. Let us help you with a few tips in this regard.

The Power Of Discreet Understated Gold Jewelry

No doubt you have often wondered how to wear gold accessories when you go to the office or go for a walk in the mall. As you already know, an interesting outfit does not only mean choosing special clothing items, but also the right jewelry.

And if you have gold pieces in your collection, you can wear them without problems at work or when you go to lunch with friends. But you need to know how to accessorize the outfit with the right type of jewelry.

When it comes to everyday activity, the same principle applies to makeup too: it has to be discreet. Jewelry with a simple design - with no precious stones - can help you maintain a distinguished and delicate touch.

For example, if you wear a shirt it is not recommended to opt for an opulent necklace, but you can adorn your hands with an oversized gold ring or a ring with a single-colored stone, which will attract all looks.

If you have chosen a V-neck blouse match it with a thin gold chain. Instead, if you opt for a vaporous dress a long chain fits perfectly, and if you wear tight hair you can shine with a pair of dainty earrings.

Casual Outfits - Enhanced By Gold 

Throughout the day, many women chose casual outfits in favor of office ones. Gold jewelry is suitable even for daring sports-chic combinations or other casual clothing items.

For example, if you're going to a garden party, you can choose to wear a white gold collar necklace and a knee-length dress.

When you go out with friends, to a casual outfit with pants or jeans and a white, unbuttoned shirt, you can also accessorize with a princess chain in white or rose gold, but without the pendant. At the same time, some simple, thin rings will suit some casual outfits.

Even if you don't wear spectacular clothes, with a bit of courage you can try to bring extravagance to your image with discreet jewelry that will bring elegance to your everyday appearances.

Statement Gold Jewelry For Evening Events

People who know how to appreciate aesthetics at their true value are more than likely to accessorize their evening wear with gold jewelry.

They make you look classy and sophisticated whether you have dinner at a fancy restaurant or go to a less formal party.

If you go to a glamorous evening event, a fancy necklace or a statement piece with precious gemstones or diamonds will go perfectly with your outfit.

When you choose to wear a red or black, strapless, long gown, you must also consider a gold necklace and pendant with precious stones, enhancing your beauty.

The main rule of evening wear is not to wear more than three gold accessories because they will give the feeling of opulence and not give balance to your outfit.

Gold jewelry can be worn at any time of the day because it can make you feel incredible by giving you a bit of its sparkle. And self-confidence, of course. It's great to feel beautiful and admired.

Check out now our gold jewelry collection. It's your time to shine!
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