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Article: Cartier's Love Bracelet: It's Not a Bracelet, it's a Declaration of Love!

Cartier's Love Bracelet: It's Not a Bracelet, it's a Declaration of Love! - DSF Antique Jewelry

Cartier's Love Bracelet: It's Not a Bracelet, it's a Declaration of Love!

One of the most famous pieces of jewelry in the world is Cartier's Love Bracelet. It is a work of art that has become legendary.
"A love child of '70s New York," the Love Bracelet was created in 1969 by the Italian designer Aldo Cipullo in the Cartier workshop in New York and became the most emblematic unisex jewelry ever designed.

Aldo Cipullo's design revolutionized the way people used to wear jewelry. At a time when women and men matched the accessories with the clothes one wore and the occasion, Cartier's Love Bracelet was meant to be worn at any time, regardless of the outfit or event.

Cartier's Love Bracelet, Modeled After Medieval Chastity Belts

Even if it seems bizarre, for this bracelet, Aldo Cipullo drew inspiration from the chastity belt women wore in the Middle Ages. Practically, he made a modern interpretation of the object.
cartier bracelet love
In terms of design, the oval shape of the bracelet is meant to perfectly cover the wrist and can be removed only with the help of a special screwdriver that comes with the bracelet.

The screwdriver is meant to be held by one's partner who is the only one who can open up the bracelet as if he or she is the only one to hold the key to the other person's heart.
Legend says that some hospitals in New York held a screwdriver for bracelets in case patients needed urgent removal of the accessory.

Interesting Fact About Cartier's Love Bracelet

In the early years, the love bracelet could not be bought for oneself. Cartier sold this bracelet only in pairs, to couples who entered the store. Lovers entrusted their screwdrivers to each other, as a sign that their love story was eternally linked to the "modern handcuffs of love."

"What modern people want are love symbols that look semi-permanent, or at least require a trick to remove," Cipullo once said regarding his Love Bracelet. "After all, love symbols should suggest an everlasting quality."

Although things have changed since the '70s, now you can also carry your own symbol of love, if you are willing to offer at least 4,000 dollars for such a piece of jewelry. Cartier has offered the Love bracelet in 18k yellow gold, 18k "pink" (rose) gold, 18k white gold. Some bracelets are offered with diamonds in place of or in rotation with the screw motif. The only question that remains is:  How far (in terms of money) would you go for love?

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