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Article: How Do I Choose The Right Bag? Essential Tips

How Do I Choose The Right Bag? Essential Tips - DSF Antique Jewelry

How Do I Choose The Right Bag? Essential Tips

One of the most important components of any women's outfit is the bag, so choosing the right one becomes an important issue.

A bag must be in line with the outfit you'll be wearing but also with your personality and your needs. So don't buy a bag only because it looks beautiful. Try to spend your money on something not only nice but also practical and, of course, that looks good on you, that is a must.

Try to hold the bag in your hands and see how it fits you. This is not always possible, sometimes we find good deals online. In this case, before taking a decision, try to imagine how you will look with the bag, what will you wear it with, and how you will feel with it.

For example, there are women who feel very uncomfortable wearing handbags. If you are used to wearing shoulder bags all the time, think twice before buying a handbag only because it is nice. Ask yourself first: will I really wear this bag?

The bag must suit not only your outfit and personality but also your body. Usually, it is recommended that the form of the bag is opposite to the lines/shape of your body. If you are tall and slim then round or/and square/wide forms are the best choice. In case you are small and/or full-figured, then choose more extended and rectangle forms, in order to create visual contrast.

The Bag Must Complement You And be Suitable For The Occasion

Like any other fashion accessory, bags and purses give the tone of the outfit and you must choose them depending on the occasion. For example, we will not pair an evening dress with a large bag. Also, it would be ridiculous to wear an envelope-type small bag to an office dress.

It is even more important to pay attention to details, especially if you choose to buy a bag from an online store. In this sense, we recommend you to buy from specialized sites, with quality products, such as DSF Antique Jewelry.

How To Choose A Bag: The Right Size

When it comes to buying women's bags and handbags, size is an issue that matters. Ask yourself: what will I carry in this bag? If the answer is a small laptop, books, and lots of documents a large open-top purse is exactly what you need. Choose a classic model - boat, or rectangular type - with multiple compartments inside, so you can carry your daily necessities.

Everything changes when we look for women's bags and handbags for special occasions and outfits such as evening gowns. In the last two years, we've seen tiny bags being a big hit on the catwalks.

Maybe small jewelry bags are not practical, but you will definitely be noticed, and sometimes that is what you want! So, it is worth investing in a designer bag, although it may cost a small fortune. But, hey, being the attraction of the party comes with a price!

If you don't want to follow the latest trends, choose an envelope purse that you can easily hold in your hand, in which you can keep your phone, lipstick, and mirror.

How To Choose A Bag: The Fabric

If you want your bag to last for years to come, it is advisable to go for those made of natural leather. Leather is a great fabric because it ages so well! It is true that natural leather bags are more expensive, but they are a smart investment. You can keep an eye on sites with designer bags on discount seasons, to catch a good offer.

We recommend choosing a natural leather handbag especially if you wear it at work every day and you do not have a large budget to buy many bags.

When it comes to bags for special occasions you know that you will wear only several times a year, you can choose artificial leather or other synthetic materials, which can also look very good.

How To Choose A Bag: The Color Of The Bag

When choosing a bag, especially if you don't have a large budget to buy 10 bags in 10 different colors, you'd better ensure that its color will match the outfits you regularly wear. Neutral shades are the best as you can easily match them with any color combination.

This advice is especially true for the bag you choose to wear at work if you do not want to worry too much about how to match your clothes with accessories. You won't make a mistake if you choose nude, grey, or black bags as they are the classic option and can be paired with almost anything.

Go regularly to fashion sites and keep an eye on discounts, in order to find the best quality/price ratio. A bag in a vibrant shade can make a monochrome or common, boring outfit, look more alive. Likewise, a straw bag can be the perfect choice for romantic summer or autumn outfits.

How To Choose A Bag - The Utility Test

A bag is not an object of jealousy and showing off in front of your colleagues and friends. A bag must look good and stylish, but, after all, is an object that must be useful and correspond to specific needs you have.

So, choose the bag according to your personal style, the type of outfit that defines you, and your color preferences.

But most of all, honestly ask yourself: does this bag corresponds to my way of life? Will this bag match my wardrobe, personality, and style? And if the answer is "yes" and on top of this, you cant' stop thinking how nice the bag is, then do not hesitate anymore. Just buy it!

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