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Article: Four Accessories That Can Transform A Boring Outfit Into Something Chic

Four Accessories That Can Transform A Boring Outfit Into Something Chic - DSF Antique Jewelry

Four Accessories That Can Transform A Boring Outfit Into Something Chic

Some accessories, though sometimes underrated nowadays, can bring glamour to any outfit - be it modern or classic - and transform it into something stylish and chic.

If you chose the right accessories, you may look like a star in a glossy magazine!

Nowadays trends are moving increasingly fast towards comfortable minimalism. Dresses become shapeless. The shirts are oversized. The skirts are loose to give you freedom of movement. The trousers are high-waisted and wide. Blouses, t-shirts, and tops don't emphasize the shapes so much anymore.

For many outfits, colors are pale, earthy, or neutral. The apparently careless look is more and more appreciated, and the increased versatility of this type of clothes provides you not only with comfort but also with the opportunity to personalize them with the help of accessories.

Here are some special accessories that can transform a simple, maybe even ordinary, outfit into one like those you admire in the Instagram stories of the most popular influencers:

1. Fancy Glasses

Even the simplest dress in shades of beige will stand out if paired with a pair of cat eye sunglasses with frames in a strong shade of red.

If you don't wear eyeglasses or protective glasses, you can complete it with a pair of lenses without diopters, with different properties. For example, you can opt for anti-reflective lenses to protect your eyes from the blue light of mobile devices and screens, which is harmful.

Or you can opt for a pair of sunglasses with a shape that suits your face structure. Get inspired by the trends suggested by the great designers to choose a pair of glasses in style in order to bring glam and originality to your outfit.

2. Purses, Handbags, Or Backpacks

A purse, handbag, or backpack ideally from a premium brand like Yves Saint Laurent, Bulgari, Channel, Valentino, Fendi, or Balenciaga, can completely transform a monotonous outfit and can give it a playful or very elegant look.
Match a tote bag, in a neon shade, with a gray office suit and you will get out of anonymity. Wear a pistachio handbag with a flowy summer dress. Or unexpectedly pair a backpack with zippers and gold accessories with a tone-on-tone outfit in shades of emerald green.

The combinations you can make are infinite, as long as you keep one rule in mind: the quality of materials, finishes, and seams.

3. A Statement Necklace

Imagine a feminine outfit, all black, made of natural silk. Now imagine the same all-black outfit with an oversized silver necklace decorated with colored semi-precious stones such as turquoise, rose quartz, or amethyst. Everything will change, wouldn't it?

The statement necklace can also be worn with fine plain blouses, matched with simple dresses, but it can also enhance an outfit consisting of a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, with just as much success.
Diamond necklace hammerman-brothers gold-diamond-chain-link-necklace
If you want a stylish look, you can opt for vintage or antique neckless or designer jewelry with precious gems.

DSF Antique Jewelry can offer you a wide range of vintage, designer statement necklaces, made out of silver, platinum, or gold, with crystal or diamonds, as per all budgets and tastes.

4. A Glamorous Scarf

The scarf is a very versatile and unfortunately underappreciated accessory. Most of us only wear it in the cold season to cover our necks and protect us from the cold and wind. The scarf can, however, be worn instead of a belt, with a flowy, midi dress or a pleated skirt. The same scarf can be used as a decorative accessory for a handbag.

At the same time, it can be worn on the head, either as a headband or wrapped, like a turban, if its dimensions allow it. Invest in some quirky scarves in cheerful, floral, or abstract prints and transform your outfits every time you wear them.

It's not difficult to transform a monotonous outfit into something special. Use-inspired accessories and always enjoy a fresh, youthful, relaxed, and at the same time distinguished air!
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