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Article: Vogue Jewelry - A Rare Treat For Those Who Seek Beauty And Class

Vogue Jewelry - A Rare Treat For Those Who Seek Beauty And Class - DSF Antique Jewelry
Beauty And Class

Vogue Jewelry - A Rare Treat For Those Who Seek Beauty And Class

Connoisseurs and lovers of beautiful accessories know that Vogue jewelry pieces are rare and extremely special.

This brand is stunning and demonstrates the originality and inventiveness of the designs needed to satiate the appetite of jewelry lovers.

Particularly in the 1950s, when they brought beaded ropes and tin-cut Austrian crystals to the American market, Vogue jewelry boomed.

Vogue Jewelry - The Basics

In 1936, George Grant, Jack Gilbert, and Harold Shapiro, who was reputedly the chief designer for this business, launched Vogue Jewelry Manufacturing in New York.

Bernard Shapiro, who helped form Les Bernard in the early 1960s, was also his son.

Jewelry made with fake pearls and beads was the specialty of Vogue Jewelry Manufacturing.

Shapiro left the business in 1961, and his son Bernard established Les Bernard, Inc. in the following year.

Early in 1975, the business shut down.

Styles Of Vogue Jewelry

The creation of the Vogue jewelry pieces that are currently on the market took place between the late 1930s and the early 1970s.

Throughout the existence of the company, a variety of Vogue markings were used to create a wide range of styles.

When other metals were hard to come by due to World War II shortages, Vogue Jewelry Manufacturing created a number of sterling silver designs decorated with rhinestones.

The company produced a lot of multi-strand beaded necklaces in the 1950s and 1960s, including pairs with complementary earrings.

Jewelry scholars have discovered advertisements for Vogue jewelry in journals as late as 1977, despite some sources listing the company's closure as occurring in 1973.

The jewelry stamped Vogue Bijoux, on the other hand, does not seem to be produced by Vogue Jewelry Manufacturing, as the designs created with that branding are more reminiscent of jewelry from the 1980s.

These items are occasionally identified with hang tags that state the jewelry was also created in Italy.

How To Identify Authentic Vogue Jewelry

Over the course of its more than 40-year existence, the company produced several different kinds of jewelry.

Some of the more enjoyable things you'll find are figural brooches with imaginative designs. Also, there are pins shaped like beautiful lion kings, dangling fish, and twin mermaids.

A unique line of zodiac pins, some of which were gold plated, was also part of the Vogue jewelry collection.

The sterling silver items created in the 1940s are among the designs that collectors find most appealing.

This kind of fashionable brooch is frequently adorned with vibrant rhinestones or enamel accents. Along with larger bird patterns and smaller blackamoor pins, you can find leaf forms.

Keep in mind that beaded necklaces from the 1950s and 1960s with matching pieces are more frequently encountered.

Also, be on the lookout for necklaces with matching earrings that are crafted with a range of beads and crystals and come in single or multi-strand designs.

Vogue Jewelry Rare Treat For Those Who Seek Beauty Class

Vogue earrings come in single pairs and are typically inexpensive.

In addition to more atypical instances of button-shaped art glass, look for multicolored clusters.

Also, larger dangling statement earrings can also be found by this brand, although not quite as often.

Markings Of Vogue Jewelry

Vogue jewelry was produced with the following markings:


For collectors: the earliest pieces have marks "VOGUE JLRY", or "VOGUE" and they are scarce on the market.

Vogue Jewelry Is Hard To Find

Unfortunately, you're out of luck if you're looking for Vogue jewelry from the early 1930s to the 1940s. Those items are rare and naturally desirable to collectors.

Take, for instance, this lovely double strand of deep garnet red glass beads from the first half of the 1950s.

It is hand-knotted, and it is finished with a tongue and groove clasp that is plainly marked on the back and coated in the same beads. The ideal length for comfort whether worn casually or formally.

Vogue jewelry has historically displayed creativity, design innovation, and extremely high quality.

This explains why this brand is so well-liked and in high demand among the fans of costume jewelry.

If you have the opportunity to buy Vogue jewelry do not hesitate, because these beauties will delight your eyes and give you a pleasant feeling.

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