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Article: How To Choose The Right Jewelry To Look Like A Princess

How To Choose The Right Jewelry To Look Like A Princess - DSF Antique Jewelry
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How To Choose The Right Jewelry To Look Like A Princess

Accessories play an important role in the life of any woman. Jewelry can complete or completely destroy an outfit. Learn to match each jewel with your clothes and the shape of your body and you will always look fabulous.

Here are some essential tips to help you choose and combine your jewelry with your favorite outfits.

Choose Jewelry According To Your Body Shape

If you are petite, choose long, fine necklaces, they will highlight your shape and neckline. Avoid massive necklaces, they will have the opposite effect. To make your face look thin and long, opt for long earrings.

If your face is round, drop or dangle earrings will elongate your face and make it look slimmer. Avoid large circular earrings, hoops, and button studs. For a heart-shaped face, chose chandelier or teardrop earrings, they will make your face look more balanced.
Scarlet Baza Nunez

For thin wrists, choose fine bracelets, possibly overlapping, for a touch of dynamism. Avoid massive watches and choose fine and delicate ones. Rings are and will always be a matter of taste and style.

Jewelry And Style

Romantic style: If you like floral prints, fine fabrics, embroidery, ribbons, pastel colors, and vaporous textures, you are definitely a fan of romantic style. The right jewelry for you is with precious and semi-precious gemstones.

You will look and feel well wearing delicate, refined yellow gold rings. If you like watches, choose a delicate and feminine model that does not burden the wrist. Jewelry must be fine, delicately crafted to perfectly complement your outfits.

Bohemian/ethnic style: Cheerful, fluid, with a hippie touch, retro, bohemian style is synonymous with lace, jeans, skirts, and long dresses with floral or ethnic prints.

Accessories are an important part of this style, the most recommended being the silver ones, with precious or semi-precious stones. Choose leather or solid silver bracelets.

Highlight your neck with a long, ethnic necklace or with chain overlays and beads of semiprecious stones.
Rings are always the perfect choice but don't exaggerate. Choose solid silver turquoise rings or fine and discreet ring overlays. Vintage jewelry from the 60s and 70s with bold designs will also make you look great.

Casual sporty style: This is the style of dynamic women, who prefer relaxed and comfortable clothes. Right jewelry is discreet and practical, such as fine, small earrings, and fine yellow or white gold necklaces. The watch becomes more than an accessory, it is an extension of the outfit. Minimalist, slightly masculine, quality.

Classic style: Elegant, timeless, sober, focused on the quality of clothes with a simple cut. This "universal" style, synonymous with good taste, focuses on jewelry in pure and concise lines, refined and simple.

Worn as an accent, they will never "burden" the look of an outfit. The essential elements are pearls (earrings or pendants), precious stones, and semi-precious stones in simple, elegant pieces.

Silver or white gold jewelry is preferable. Try designer jewelry, they are more expensive but you will look stylish all the time.

Glamor style: The outfits flatter the woman's silhouette and seduce with refinement and minimalism. The glamorous woman is confident and loves to stand out. Prefers strong colors, red, black, emerald green, and navy blue, but also silver, gold, and bright sequins.

Such outfits require statement jewelry, massive necklaces with precious stones, shiny headdresses, and fancy bracelets. Try vintage jewelry with big sparkling stones but in the right doses, so as not to fall into ostentation.

Dramatic style prefers bright colors, original hairstyles, maxi or mini accessories, and boldly printed fabrics. Women who adopt this style can easily integrate into their outfits unusual jewelry, fancy jewelry, massive rings, leather bracelets, and vintage designer jewelry.

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