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Article: The Mystery Of Victorian Diamond Wedding Rings

The Mystery Of Victorian Diamond Wedding Rings - DSF Antique Jewelry
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The Mystery Of Victorian Diamond Wedding Rings

The Victorian diamond wedding ring is the perfect symbol of marriage, representing the physical and emotional union between a man and a woman.

Simple or patterned, with precious stones or not, the wedding ring has been a symbol of love and the union of two young people since ancient times.

Today, it can be very difficult to choose the right wedding ring as you have a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs and the question of which ring to choose.

Well, if you like antique jewelry, you can be certain that a Victorian diamond wedding ring is the perfect choice for you and your loved one.

Victorian Diamond Wedding Rings - The Perfect Choice

The Victorian era was one of the eras that left its mark on jewelry, and specifically on wedding rings, according to Royal Diamante.

Queen Victoria of Great Britain (1837-1901) influenced art, the industrial revolution, and fashion and the result was a romantic era.
diamond ring gold
The styles of jewelry and wedding rings created during that period have certain distinct differences and are referred to as the Romantic period (1837-1860), the Tidal period (1860-1880), and the Aesthetic period (1880-1901).

Wedding rings from the Romantic period were either plain or patterned (flowers, leaves, angel wings, fruit) or inscribed with the wedding date and the couple's initials engraved on the inside of the ring. In the Tidal and Aesthetic period, after the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria wore a plain yellow gold wedding ring.

The wedding rings worn in the Victorian era varied from design to color, each ring having a specific meaning:

- Yellow gold wedding ring set with three gemstones (one ruby and two diamonds) or just diamonds

- Yellow gold wedding ring with crossed engraving

- Yellow gold wedding ring with braided flower ornament

- Rose gold wedding ring with repousse details and leaves

- White gold wedding ring with three diamonds

- Yellow gold wedding ring engraved with the wedding date or the bride and groom's name on the inside

- Silver wedding ring engraved with a romantic poem on the inside

Victorian Diamond Wedding Rings - Always Fashionable

Diamond wedding rings have been fashionable since the Victorian and Romantic periods. The first diamond wedding ring was given in 1477 by King Maximilian I of Germany to his future queen, Maria of Burgundy, as a sign of his eternal vow.

In later times, kings, queens, princes, and princesses wore diamond rings and today it is a "must-have" for classy ladies all over the world.

Whether you choose a single diamond or a multi-diamond wedding ring, diamond rings add extra sparkle and will be truly special for the big event in your life. If you don't want diamond rings, you can choose simple white or yellow gold rings.

Victorian diamond wedding rings are always in fashion since they bring with them a piece of ancient history and that extra feeling of owning something extraordinarily special.

But not just the wedding rings are special, there are many other unique jewels from the Victorian era that will take your breath away.

Explore now DSF Antique Jewelry's online store and discover some of the most incredible Victorian pieces on the market.

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