How To Keep Your Gold And Silver Jewelry Clean

Here there are several tricks and tips to help you clean your gold and silver jewelry so they will look like new. It's simple and doesn't cost almost anything.

How To Clean Gold Jewelry

Gold is often called the "everlasting treasure", an epithet that gold gained not only because it is a highly valuable metal (national banks keep gold reserves) but also because of its physical qualities.

Archaeologists regularly find ancient gold objects, preserved over the centuries and almost in their original state tough hundreds and hundreds of years passed over them. However, even the everlasting treasures lose their original luster and require proper cleaning.

The easiest way to clean gold is the following: put the gold jewelry or gold objects in hot water in which you also put cleaning liquid. Gently use a toothbrush to remove dirt. Rinse the jewelry well and wipe it with a soft cloth.

How To Preserve Gold Jewelry

If you want to clean the house by yourself or do some house chores, take off your jewelry to avoid any contact with cleaning products. It is also advisable to take them off before cosmetic procedures, such as a visit to the sauna or other treatments that involve rapid changes in temperature.

Do not wear jewelry when swimming in the pool, as chlorine can damage the metal.

How To Properly Clean Silver Jewelry. Tricks That Makes Them Look Like New!

Due to chemical aggression, silver jewelry often turns black. But silver jewelry can regain its luster very easily, with just a few solutions that everyone has in the house.


Leave the objects in Coke from evening till morning. Take them out, rinse them well with water, and then dry them in a paper towel. Repeat the procedure if necessary.


Boil water with baking soda and leave the jewelry there for a few minutes. Take them out, rub them finely with a clean toothbrush, rinse and dry them. They will shine as if they were new.


Silver objects regain their shine if rubbed with toothpaste with a soft brush.

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