On Which Finger Do You Wear Rings? The Answer Can Say A Lot About You

On which finger do you prefer to wear your ring/rings? The answer can say a lot about you and your personality, it's amazing!

Besides admiring your beautiful jewelry, some people can also deduce aspects regarding your personality and your relationships with others just by observing the way you wear your rings on your fingers!

The information presented here by Secrete Magazine is based on several cultural and psychological criteria. Read it carefully.

If you are right-handed, the right hand is considered the active, or "giving" hand, while the left hand is the passive, or "receiving" hand. If you're left-handed, it's the other way around.

Wearing Rings On The Index Finger

Wearing a ring on this finger of the active hand denotes healthy self-esteem, a lot of confidence in your own strengths, and good leadership qualities.

In the case of the passive hand, the meaning is that instead of being in charge, you tend to obey the orders of other authoritative people. If you lack confidence, you should consider starting to wear a ring on the index finger of the active hand. The most suitable stones for strengthening you in this regard are topaz, amethyst, and blue lapis lazuli.

Wearing Rings On The Middle Finger

The middle finger denotes your values and responsibilities. A ring worn on this finger indicates that the wearer takes life seriously and knows how to distinguish between right and wrong.

If the ring is worn on the passive hand, it is a sign that the wearer is a serious and responsible person. The most suitable stones for the middle finger of the active hand are moonstone and rose quartz. These stones strengthen personal balance in all its aspects.

Wearing Rings On Ring Finger

A ring on this finger of the active hand enhances the ability to teach others how to be creative and inventive.

Worn on the same finger, but on the passive hand - for many, this is the finger on which they wear their wedding rings - rings attract creativity and inspiration in solving problems, an ideal skill especially in marriage! If you're not married, wearing a gold ring with colored stones on this finger of the passive hand attracts passion and love.

Wearing Rings On The Little Finger

Worn on the active hand, it denotes excellent negotiating and expressive skills. If you wear it on the passive hand, it denotes excellent listening skills and strong intuition. The most suitable stones for improving aspects of communication (on the passive hand) or intuition (on the active hand) are - citrine, amber, and moonstone.

Wearing Rings On The Thumb

Wearing a ring on the thumb of the active hand denotes that you succeed, or at least always seek, to assert yourself in front of others. If you wear the ring on the thumb of the passive hand, it is a sign that you tend to let others lead you.

To become more persuasive in asserting your point of view, wear a thin silver ring on this finger of the active hand. The most suitable stones for this finger of the passive hand are garnet, ruby, and carnelian. These stones make you less likely to be easily persuaded by manipulative people.

The Absence Of Rings

If you dislike rings or simply don't enjoy wearing such jewelry, you are most likely a free spirit. You don't like to be constrained by people and circumstances and approach life issues in a systematic, step-by-step manner.

Wearing Many Rings

If you wear more than one ring, see the sections above to find out the individual meanings for each finger. Be careful, though, sometimes the energies of multiple rings (especially with precious and semiprecious stones) can influence or even cancel each other out!

One Ring On Each Finger

People who wear a ring on each finger tend to have difficulty with organizational issues and decision-making. They are, as a rule, a bit eccentric and seek to be the center of attention!

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