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Article: How to Wear Vintage and Antique Rings – Small Guide

How to Wear Vintage and Antique Rings – Small Guide - DSF Antique Jewelry
Antique Rings

How to Wear Vintage and Antique Rings – Small Guide

From ancient times until now, both men and women have worn rings as symbols of wealth, social and marital status. They are among the oldest pieces of jewelry in the world. Here are some tricks you should know to properly wear vintage and antique rings.

Nowadays, rings come in a variety of interesting designs and high-quality materials, some of which are adorned with precious and semiprecious stones. And when it comes to the vintage and antique ones, you definitely have many exquisite models to explore.

Rings can indeed complete your look and help you send a strong message to those around you. But, for this, it is important to keep in mind certain rules and tricks regarding the various ways you can wear rings so that they suit you and fit any outfit.antique-tiffany-co-gold-sapphire-ring-mens
Antique Tiffany & Co. 18K Gold Sapphire Mens Ring

DSF Antique Jewelry has some recommendations that are meant to help you always make inspired choices. Following the rules below, you will learn to wear stylish rings and easily match them to any outfit!

On which finger can you wear vintage & antique rings?

There are no rigid rules in this regard, you are free to wear rings on any finger you want. But, you should take into consideration that each finger fits a certain type of vintage and antique ring.

Thus, for the little finger, it is recommended to wear narrow rings, with simple patterns and without precious and semiprecious stones. But, if you like to stand out, you can also opt for a big ring, since this finger is the first choice of a person who wants a ring to stand out.

On the ring finger, you can wear the engagement ring and the wedding ring, but you can also wear other gold or silver rings, with a delicate pattern. And if we add diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, or rubies into the mix, things will get dazzling for sure. If you want a special combination, next to the wedding ring and the engagement ring you can also wear an eternity ring.


Estate 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

The middle finger is the largest and most prominent of the fingers. It can be adorned with massive rings of various models, including those with precious or semiprecious gemstones. Regardless of the outfit, don't be afraid to choose statement models that will make you stand out.

For the index finger, you can choose thin rings, which can be of various geometric shapes. Or, on the contrary, you can choose an oversized model, but do not combine it with other jewelry.

The thumb is not really the most comfortable finger to wear a ring on, but you can do it by opting for a model with a slim band, for example.

How many vintage & antique rings can you wear?

You have probably wondered what is the maximum number of rings a person can wear. Well, it mostly depends on the rings. In principle, it is generally said that you should not wear more than three rings on both hands. If you exaggerate, it may not benefit you and can have the opposite effect.
vintage-mens-18k-yellow-gold-tourmaline-ringVintage Men's 18K Yellow Gold Tourmaline Ring

Thus, for a lady, the number of three rings includes the wedding ring and the engagement ring, which can be combined with another ring. For young ladies, this number of three rings can be exceeded, if chosen wisely.

However, if you are a big fan of rings and you choose to wear one ring on each finger or more than three rings, it is recommended to give up clothing items with massive details and applications, because you will create a loaded outfit.

At the same time, if you wear a lot of rings or massive models, it would be advisable to give up other jewelry, such as oversized earrings or wide bracelets, to get a more balanced look.

Most of the time it is best to wear a single piece, on either hand and nothing else. And that should be the ring that represents you, and that best outlines your personality and character.

Another key element - the shape of the hand

The shape of your hand is an essential criterion for choosing the perfect vintage and antique rings.

People with big palms and short fingers can opt for massive jewelry, with triangular or oval shapes.

If you have solid hands, it is not recommended to wear rings with round stones, because they will highlight even more the solid appearance of the hands. Rather, you should look into the unusual rings with irregular shapes.

For hands with prominent joints, a good option is to choose large stone vintage and antique rings that will distract from this detail.

Tanzanite Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Ring

If you have very thin hands and long fingers, opt for wide rings with inlaid precious or semiprecious gemstones. Women with a regular shape of the hands can wear rings of any shape and width.

Keep this in mind when wearing vintage & antique rings

It is best not to wear several vintage and antique rings of different materials on the same hand and, furthermore, you should make sure they have stones of the same color.  Also, when wearing multiple rings on the same hand, make sure the patterns are similar.

The rings should be in harmony with the other pieces of jewelry you wear, whether we are talking about bracelets, earrings, brooches, necklaces, or pendants. Try to keep your balance when wearing jewelry. And, at the same time, pay close attention to the materials from which the jewelry is made, as well as their color. For example, a steel watch will not look good next to a gold ring, but next to a platinum one, while rose gold will not match the silver or platinum rings.

If you work in a business environment, you can limit yourself to wearing a single ring or wedding ring. But if your style is casual, it is good to know that, in such cases, rings with large and precious stones are not indicated, but simple models with very small stones.

A vintage or antique ring is a statement in itself. If you know how to wear it, following some rules and tips, such as those presented above, it can give a personal and distinguished note to your outfit.

Don't forget that you can be as creative as you want, but that the tricks help you get some landmarks so that your choices are always inspired.

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