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Article: "Hidden Gems": Hobe Vintage Jewelry will Take Your Breath Away


"Hidden Gems": Hobe Vintage Jewelry will Take Your Breath Away

Sophisticated designs, high-quality materials, and mesmerizing craftsmanship. These are just some of the core characteristics embodied by Hobe vintage jewelry.

The brand was founded in 1887, in Paris, by French goldsmith Jacques Hobe. The legacy was passed on to his son William Hobe, who opened the company branch in New York in 1927. The younger Hobe gained huge success on Broadway due to his collaboration with Florence Ziegfeld, a New York City Broadway producer who asked him to create costume jewelry for his shows. This boosted his notoriety to the sky.

Eventually, his fancy jewelry and accessories, some of which were quite bold and colorful, became a must-have among the stars of Broadway and Hollywood such as Ava Gardner, Betty Davis, Carole Lombard, and Barbara Stanwyck.

William Hobe became a legend in terms of costume handmade jewelry. The master jeweler used a variety of materials - such as vermeil, gold plated silver, or sterling silver, as well as platinum - and liked to meticulously ornate his accessories with semi-precious stones. In particular, he enjoyed using brilliant multicolored crystals, giving his jewelry a stunning effect.

Hobe Vintage Jewelry, the hallmark of perfection

Hobe created jewelry pieces in many styles, from Art Deco to floral and animalism, from classic to modern, so we can find a wide range of designs, from exquisite floral pieces and beaded necklaces to brooches with unique and stunning gemstone combinations.

Some of Hobe’s pieces were replicas of historical antique pieces, such as those worn by royal families, while others replicated Victorian pieces.

The sterling silver floral pieces and bracelets are some of the most notable and sought-after Hobe vintage jewelry. They have incredible intricate designs, and some are very colorful and glittering. You can explore our online shop to see what we are talking about.

Almost all of Hobe's jewelry carries his distinctive hallmark. They are handmade by Hobe himself, sometimes with the help of Lou Vicky, and are quite rare nowadays since he produced jewelry only up until the end of the 1950s. So many of them ended up in private collections.

Hobe Vintage Jewelry is truly one of the most appreciated "hidden gems" in the world of costume jewelry, sought after by collectors from all over the world. This historical Jewelry House is credited with the highest reputation.

The Hobe brand's slogan was "Jewels of Legendary Splendor".

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