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Article: Magic Is In The Air: Top Seven Jewelry Trends For 2023

Magic Is In The Air: Top Seven Jewelry Trends For 2023 - DSF Antique Jewelry

Magic Is In The Air: Top Seven Jewelry Trends For 2023

In 2023 you definitely must look glamorous, and we have just the perfect "recipe"! Here are seven top jewelry trends for the new year.

Fancy ladies know that the pieces of clothing of the moment must be accessorized with the most exquisite jewelry.

Whatever the season, accessories are the ones that define our look, and the trends we follow can help us complete our outfit in the most stylish and up-to-date way. However, with the arrival of the new year, trends are showing a boost in attitude.
fine jewelry gold earrings
Choosing jewelry shouldn't be done haphazardly, especially as the wrong piece can transform your entire look.

Glamorous vintage and antique jewelry, industrial accents, dazzling pieces, or items adorned with shiny colored precious stones - it's time to review the most interesting trends proposed by designers in 2023!

Fashion in 2023 - The Top Seven Jewelry Trends

1. Vintage And Antique Pieces In Vibrant Colors

The new year brings us an explosion of colors! Stylists are now offering us accessories in vibrant hues, so dare to wear as much colorful vintage or antique jewelry as possible, even in a mix of two or three colors.

If you prefer neutral, plain, or no-print outfits, accessories in more than one shade will surely bring a cheerful, fresh look to your image.

So, ladies, let's see a splash of color in your trendy outfits!

2. Oversized Jewelry

It's not just XXL bulky clothes that have been in fashion for a few seasons now, but bulky jewelry has also become a stylist's favorite. Whether we're talking necklaces, rings, or bracelets, massive accessories are again trendy.

If you're not thinking of changing your wardrobe too much this season, you can give it a fresh look by adding some XXL jewelry.

This is one of the fanciest trends of 2023!

3. Timeless Accessories - Vintage Jewelry

In recent years, our attention has been on white gold, but now we are also seeing the return of yellow gold thanks to the demand for vintage jewelry. This precious metal offers an explosion of spectacular and exquisite designs, and it's exciting to see unique, antique accessories that have a handcrafted feel to this trend.

If you want to get your hands on statement, vintage pieces you have come to the right place. With over 40 years of experience on the market, DSF Antique Jewelry is the place where you will definitely find the perfect piece of vintage jewelry you are looking for. Don't hesitate to explore our online store and ask us for any further details and advice you need!

4. Pearl Jewelry Is Always The Right Answer

Like gold jewelry, pearls are also considered timeless.

However, one trend is the combination of industrial chains and delicate pearls. We're talking about a contradictory and unusual trend, but one that also manages to draw attention to an outfit.

A unique pairing is also lush gold chains combined with graceful pearls, giving a unique look to jewelry that goes beyond classic beauty.

And there are still other vintage or antique pearl jewelry pieces in our collection that will make you look like a queen!

5. Solid Chokers

Chokers are one of the last years' trends, only now they've become more solid, soft, and shiny.

Textured and glamorous design pieces are preferable, which can give even the most basic outfit a dramatic and mysterious touch.

For example, you can opt for twisted gold or silver metal chokers to achieve a modern, chunky choker outfit.

6. Tubular Jewelry

They are spectacular and elegant in their simplicity and fit perfectly into any outfit. Tubular accessories add dynamism and visibility to your 2022 outfits. It's a very versatile trend that you can introduce into the scene with just your imagination.

7. Chunky Bracelets

These accessories can make an extremely successful combination with chokers. Standouts include shiny gold and silver bangles, those with a bohemian shape, dramatic look, or luxurious air, all in the same exaggerated size.

In 2022, you can bring a chic and modern look to your outfits by adding the trendiest jewelry. The most interesting combinations and accessories are on-trend, and very varied, so no doubt all tastes will be covered!

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