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Article: What Vintage Diamond Rings Does A Stylish Woman Wear

What Vintage Diamond Rings Does A Stylish Woman Wear - DSF Antique Jewelry
Antique Rings

What Vintage Diamond Rings Does A Stylish Woman Wear

If you are wondering what type of vintage diamond rings does a stylish woman likes to wear, then you have come to the right place.

Our online store - DSF Antique Jewelry - welcomes you with some of the most beautiful rings models on the market, so you have every chance of winning over a representative of the fairer sex who knows the definition of sophistication.

Here are the vintage diamond rings a stylish woman wears!

Vintage Diamond Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings cant be ignored by a woman who has good taste. But the wearer must be brave, adventurous, and willing to experiment. The distinguishing feature from other rings is the presence of a large main piece surrounded by other smaller precious gemstones.

An ideal choice would be a vintage cocktail ring made of 18-carat white or yellow gold, decorated with round-cut diamonds forming a flower in the center. Small diamonds set around the edge of the piece enrich the look of the jewelry, giving it a glamorous touch.

If you want to impress a stylish woman, you can also opt for a tanzanite diamond platinum cocktail ring made of 18-carat gold. This type of ring may feature a big tanzanite stone in the center, with smaller brilliant diamonds arranged on the edges and sides.

There are many other types of glamorous vintage cocktail rings in our collection. The perfect choice, depends, of course on the style and tastes of the wearer.

The Vintage Diamond Trinity Ring

Any stylish woman will appreciate a vintage gold ring decorated with three sparkling diamonds because her beauty will be even more highlighted. Because of the three precious stones, these designs are called "Trilogy" or "Trinity" and can be said to represent the past, present, and future, as well as the love or appreciation of the ring giver.

You will surely impress your loved one with one of the jewelry designs found in our online shop. A ring with three perfectly round-cut diamonds seduces with refinement at first sight.

We also recommend a design made of 18-carat white gold with emerald diamonds set in three sections, a configuration that further highlights the brilliance of the stones.

The Art Deco and Art Nouveau Diamond Rings

If you're looking to successfully complete a refined woman's jewelry collection, then you should look into the ring models influenced by the most popular architectural styles. In our online store, you can admire rings that take you back to the intricacies of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles.

This Art Deco design style, popular from the 1920s to the mid-1930s, is now back in trend. Such jewels have well-defined lines, cubist influences, repetitive motifs that seem to hypnotize you. You'll find such jewelry in the precious box of a refined woman who boldly embraces modern style.

On the other hand, the gold rings produced in the Art Nouveau period (1890 - 1910) have fluid curves, inspired by the plant and animal kingdoms. We can also observe mythological creatures and the famous woman with long and sinuous hair specific to the Art Nouveau style.

At DSF Antique Jewelry you'll find many sophisticated vintage diamond rings. You won't go wrong if you choose one made of 18-carat gold, featuring precious stones and unique designs. It's sure to be a special, unforgettable moment when you present your loved one with such a piece of jewelry.

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