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Article: Top Five Winter Perfume Fragrances For Ladies

Top Five Winter Perfume Fragrances For Ladies - DSF Antique Jewelry

Top Five Winter Perfume Fragrances For Ladies

Parfume fragrances, like clothing, should be appropriate for the season. So, ladies, here are our top five perfume fragrances for this magical season.

Winter is all about knitted scarves, mittens, and playing with snowballs outside. But what does winter smell like to you? Probably like mulled wine, tea, tangerines, a Christmas tree, and of course chocolate? Winter smells like the warmth we seek on these frosty days.

And, as we said previously when it comes to perfume fragrances, they should be appropriate for the seasons and circumstances. On our skin, fragrances can reveal themselves in completely different ways, depending on individual characteristics, temperature, and humidity. Therefore, fresh aromas in winter smell too harsh, and warm aromas, in turn, run smoothly, and the aroma itself is perceived as warm and tender.

Below are our top five perfume fragrances that are a perfect match for the winter season and with its frosty days, but also with its magical holidays.

1. La Vie Est Belle - Lancome

Make your life more beautiful with La Vie Est Belle by Lancome! A unique olfactory statement created by three of France's greatest perfumers, this delicate and feminine fragrance blends the sweet notes of Florence iris, Arabian jasmine, orange blossom, and patchouli essence.

With this fragrance, you are a star at any party.

Discover a new philosophy of life and follow your own path to joy with La Vie est Belle!

2. Roses Musk - Montale

Made by  Pierre Montale, the luxuriant perfume Roses Musk offers a special fragrance for a real woman, soft and sensual, desirable but unattainable.

Roses Musk combines many images of a naive girl and a noble lady. It is a laconic combination of just three accords that plays beautifully and subtly on your skin.

It definitely deserves to be in our top five list.

3. Crystal Noir - Versace

A woman who excessively adores the glitz and glitter of the couture spirit. A woman who wants a unique fragrance to wear as a sumptuous evening gown. Highlighted by the aura of the Crystal Noir perfume, the Versace woman is passionate and irresistible.

Crystal Noir is about aromatic coffee, soft pastries, city lights, and the romance of first dates.

Versace Crystal Noir opens with a warm cocktail of ginger, cardamom, and pepper. The heart of the fragrance is full of coconut orange blossom. And the final accord rings with sandalwood and musk.

4. Lady Million - Paco Rabanne

One in a million. She is the owner of Paco Rabanne Lady Million.

The fragrance begins its symphony with a fruity citrus cocktail. The melody of jasmine and orange blossom sings at the heart of the fragrance, and the trail is lightly expressed by honey and patchouli.

Lady Million embodies the feminine fantasy of the glamorous, truly fantastic femme fatale.

5. Code Femme - Giorgio Armani

Code Femme is special, its inspiration is Armani's dream: that of an imaginary, contrasting flower that shapes and invades the light. The shadow-light contrast of the flowers reflects the play of mystery and seduction of the female character both sensual and glamorous, and fatal and irresistible.

The mystery of nightscapes and the dancing shadows by the fire are contained in Giorgio Armani's gentle scent.

Code Femme's composition opens with a tandem of fresh citrus and romantic jasmine. Orange blossom and jasmine create a beautiful accent at the heart of the fragrance. And the final notes of honey and vanilla gave the fragrance pure perfection.

Be special this winter! 

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