Max Muller Kaufbeuren - A Jewelry Designer Who Made The Stars Sparkle

The fun, colorful and sophisticated, costume jewelry pieces made by the brilliant designer Max Mulle brought sparkle to stars' outfits and will make you feel like a star too if you wear them.

Max Muller was a talented German designer whose clients included legends like Sophia Loren and Marlene Dietrich. Film producers also commissioned him to create jewelry for historical dramas. His company was located in Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz and was in business from 1946 up to 1987.  

As a designer, Muller also signed jewelry for famous houses such as Christian Dior and Mitchel Maer.

Orchid For A "Blue Angel" - Max Muller's Most Famous Vintage Jewelry

In the 1950s and 1960s, the entrepreneur, concert pianist, and orchid grower Max Muller was an important name in the international jewelry industry and the only designer from Neugablonz who displayed his own unmistakable signature on his creations.

Müller, who died in 1991, designed a gorgeous buckle belt for "The Blue Angel", as Marlene Dietrich was called after her famous breakthrough move.

Though in the specialty compendiums dedicated to the german jewelry industry the stupendous creation in the shape of an orchid is referred to as a "brooch", and so is in the Jizera Mountains Museum in Neugablonz where it is exhibited, in fact, we're talking about a belt buckle as the piece is far too big and too heavy to be worn on a blouse and has no mechanism on the back.
max-muller-kaufbeuren jewelry
A belt buckle but not an ordinary one... It is said that Muller worked six weeks to create the belt buckle and that he met the diva in person so that she can try it on.

According to one witness of those times, Max Müller took inspiration to create the orchid for "The Blue Angel" from the greenhouse, as he was an orchid grower.

He also designed jewelry that another cinema legend, Sophia Loren, wore at her wedding to Carlo Ponti.

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