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Article: Patricia Von Musulin Jewelry - A World Of Fantasy And Inspiration

Patricia Von Musulin Jewelry - A World Of Fantasy And Inspiration - DSF Antique Jewelry

Patricia Von Musulin Jewelry - A World Of Fantasy And Inspiration

The jewelry pieces made by the famous designer Patricia Von Musulin are "sculptural works of art created by a genius".

Patricia von Musulin has revolutionized the world of jewelry, working extensively, with great dedication, to redefine the notion of "accessories".

She produces unique pieces with bold and luxurious jewelry designs that are a delight to the public. Her inspiring style has been, according to her official website, featured in international advertising campaigns, countless magazines as well as "on the runway" with both American and International fashion designers.

Not long after Patricia von Musulin founded her company in 1976 she received many appreciations from major Fashion brands and early iconic magazines for her extraordinary jewelry designs.

She worked with famous names in the industry such as Ralph Lauren, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, and Rihanna.

It is important to note that all of Patricia von Musulin's jewelry designs are manufactured in New York City.

The Inspiration Behind Patricia Von Musulin's Jewelry

Prior to becoming a fashion icon, Patricia worked in the field of industrial design. Clients ranged from "The Metropolitan Museum of Art", for whom she created many of the reproductions of objects for the "King Tut" show, to Pierre Cardin for whom she helped design his automobile. She also had the privilege to work closely with the famous scientist and art restorer, Gustav Berger.

Patricia von Musulin succeded in creating many works of art known for their powerful originality and signature style as well as for their unique aesthetic. With the help of this special background, Patricia von Musulin re-imagined the very idea of jewelry itself, that is why her jewelry feels more like sculpture.
Patricia Von Musulin World Of Fantasy And Inspiration
"I wanted it to have a scale and a presence. Most jewelers draw out jewelry, which in my mind, always makes it very flat. Whereas I actually make all the models originally in plaster. They're made either to actual scale or larger and then I refine them", said the jeweler in an interview for Elle.

Sometimes Patricia will work on a pair of earrings for a year, delicately adjusting their proportions. The resulting designs are "contoured so that when a person wears them, the earring turns in space along with the person."

Her jewelry collections employ a wide array of materials to evoke deep symbolism and psychological associations. Crystal-like transparency evokes the undulating currents of water, the source of all life. In contrast, the deep black tones of her "Ebony Collection" reflect our cultural fascination with "The Primitive" and the multiracial nature of contemporary urban life.

Patricia Von Musulin's jewelry masterpieces can be admired in the permanent collections of "The Metropolitan Museum of Art", "The Boston Museum of Fine Arts", "The National Museum of American History of the Smithsonian Institution" as well as "The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology".

Patricia Von Musulin's Jewels - A Fantasy

"The jewels of Patricia Von Musulin are sculptural works of art created by a genius. There is never the question 'What dress to wear?'. My first impulse is always 'Which Jewel will it be?'. The decision made: everything falls into place.

When unworn, close by, von Musulin masterpieces reside in a cabinet of Plexiglas. A glance across the room is all it takes to project into the beauty of design and mystery. Yes, mystery. For each holds its own secret. On each shelf, the textures, shades of emerald green, glowing pearls, blood-red garnet. Other gems I have no name for, blur into each other drawing me into von Musulin's world.

Across the room reflected in the mirrored wall: a turn of the century life size mannequin stands by a window overlooking dogwood trees in the street below. Dressed in coarse linen she gazees out, passive, serene, von Musulin's massive black cross studded with dots of sterling silver resting on her chest.

Elsewhere a pair of stark black crosses, suspended on a black string, twirl around a white post of my bed beside me as I sleep.

The genius of Patricia von Musulin is not only part of my life in these ways. She bestowed upon me the gift of seeing in a way I previously had not. This is what the Artist does. I am forever grateful", said famous actress and fashion designer Gloria Laura Vanderbilt about Patricia Von Musulin's jewelry.

Patricia Von Musulin's List Of Celebrities

A partial listing of fashion designers who have featured Patricia von Musulin's works of art in both their advertising campaigns as well as in their runway shows includes big names of the industry such as Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Adrienne Vittadini, Bill Blass, Geoffrey Beene, Carolina Herrera, Chado, Ralph Rucci, Bally, Cole Haan, Bogner, and Rihanna.

Her first working relationships were with Donna Karan and Louis Dell’olio for Anne Klein, Pauline Trigere, Giorgio Sant'Angelo, and Perry Ellis.

In fact, Perry Ellis personally nominated Patricia to the "Council of Fashion Designer of America" when he was the President.

"I seem to be transcending generations. Blass made a joke once: that the problem with my work was, it was too good—and it lasted too long," Patricia von Musulin said.

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