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Article: Moonstone - The Magical Properties And Effects On The Wearer

Moonstone - The Magical Properties And Effects On The Wearer - DSF Antique Jewelry

Moonstone - The Magical Properties And Effects On The Wearer

The moonstone has beneficial effects on both men and women. Its magical properties have fascinated mankind since ancient times. Discover them now!

This special semiprecious gem has been known for millennia and was favored by the Romans and Greeks. Its colors can be in shades of pink, yellow-blue to milky white.

It is considered a stone of love and hope. Legends say that in the Roman Empire, the moonstone was known to bring good luck.

The Moonstone's Properties & Effects

The moonstone is quarried in India, Mexico, Australia, Norway, and the Austrian Alps. It has been used for millennia in jewelry pieces, with the Romans being great admirers of this semiprecious gem, believing it to have beneficial powers taken from the celestial star.

The Romans associated the stone with the goddess of the hunt, Diana, and the Greeks with the goddess of love Aphrodite and Selena, the goddess of the moon. The moonstone became popular in the 20th century when René Lalique created numerous pieces of jewelry using the gem.
moonstone carved antique diamond
It comes in two types - rainbow moonstone and grey moonstone. The first type can be recognized by the pink, blue or yellow shades that have an irregular, glassy-looking split. The second type has a more milky shade of grey and white that reflects light.

The stone is specific to the zodiac signs Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces. It is also recommended for those born in June or July.

The Magical Powers Of The Moonstone

The jewel activates the wearer's intuitive power and offers healing power. The moonstone is also said to have beneficial effects on hormonal disorders, the reproductive system in women, and the regulation of sexual health.

It is said that this stone provides emotional balance to the wearer, instilling feelings of calm, strength, and stability.

The moonstone can also relieve menstrual and birth pains. The jewel is not just for women, it is also beneficial for men, cultivating compassion and gentleness in the wearer.

It also has a beneficial effect in balancing male and female energies in the body. For men, it can reduce aggression and for women, it can reduce feelings of dominance and anger. If kept under the pillow, the jewel can provide a more restful sleep, helping people with such problems.

How To Preserve The Moonstone's Properties

Moonstone can be worn in a variety of jewelry. It can be found in rings, bracelets, earrings, or necklaces, as well as brooches or pendants.

The stone has a hardness of between 6 and 10 on the Mohs scale, so you need to take extra care with it as it can easily be scratched or broken.

It should also not be kept in sunlight as it can lose its properties and should not be kept near other jewelry containing stones. Sudden changes in temperature can also affect its properties.

When it comes to cleaning, it is very easy to maintain. All you need is soap and water. When you choose to purchase a piece of vintage or antique moonstone jewelry, you should pay close attention to clarity. The moonstone is quite versatile and can be worn in many ways.

The moonstone has multiple beneficial properties on the wearer, reducing overreactions, balancing feminine and masculine energies, and an increase in emotional intelligence.

Chose now one of the exquisite vintage or antique moonstone jewelry pieces found in our online store. This is the day that magic will come your way!

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