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Article: The Supreme Luxury Diamond Hairstyle - Its Worth A Fortune

The Supreme Luxury Diamond Hairstyle - Its Worth A Fortune - DSF Antique Jewelry
Diamond Hairstyle

The Supreme Luxury Diamond Hairstyle - Its Worth A Fortune

Have you ever wondered how would the supreme luxury hairstyle look? And how much would it be worth to get it yourself? Be prepared to hear something mind-blowing!

But first, let's start with the very beginning. It all started in 1970, when Laurence Graff, president of Graff Diamonds Company, created and adorned for the first time a jeweled hairstyle, which he named "Hair & Jewel".

That moment marked the jewelry world, but also the diamond industry, which was extremely interested in the master jeweler's idea, according to "Royal Diamante".

On the 60th anniversary of his career, Graff decided to celebrate in a unique way, recreating the image that made him and his company famous in the 1970s.

The idea was immediately embraced as a good promotional strategy, after the 1970 photo of the female model wearing a diamond-encrusted hairstyle became a landmark for Graff Diamonds, founded just 10 years before this historic moment.

Laurence Graff said the initial idea came to him while traveling around the world in search of diamonds. While in India at the time, he noticed communities where women wore precious adornments on their heads, and this caught his attention.

The jeweler then decided to create one of these remarkable headdresses: "I recognized the importance of promoting the brand, and creating 'Hair&Jewel' was a perfect opportunity."

The Creation Of The Luxury Diamond Hairstyle

For his 1970s idea, Graff needed half a million dollars, extremely rare stones, and an extremely popular model to represent the image of his new obsession, "Hair&Jewel".

However, as such an anniversary had to be marked in a unique way, Laurence Graff announced that he would invest the largest sum in the history of the industry for this recreation: half a billion dollars. And that's just to recreate the famous image. The London firm couldn't have done a better job of promoting itself!

The model who had the honor of having the supreme luxury diamond hairstyle was the beautiful Dalia Gunther, famous for her catwalk shows in London, Paris, Milan, and Toronto.

 The Supreme Luxury Diamond Hairstyle Fortune

Dalia Gunther's luxury hairstyle required 22 unique stones, belonging to the London jewelry house and created by hand for this event. The jewels, some of the world's rarest and most valuable diamonds, had an estimated total value of 500 million dollars and weighed around 550 carats, of which a quarter were hair ornaments alone.

The hairstyle included a 52-carat yellow ring, a ser of 51-carat heart-shaped earrings, an 11-carat diamond pendant, and a series of floral exquisite motif ornaments.

Designer Eamon Hughes participated in the adornment, along with one of the world's leading photographers, David Slijper, who has photographed celebrities such as Matt Damon, Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, and Kanye West.

The Perfect Luxury Diamond Hairstyle

Laurence Graff then compared the two images, and it seems that this new work of art has broken barriers, outlining the idea that diamonds can now represent the aspirations of young women.
ts Worth A Fortune The Supreme Luxury Diamond Hairstyle 2

The Hair&Jewel's work of art brought to light an aspect less explored in the jewelry industry: hair ornaments.

This already iconic image of the industry turned the attention of designers and jewelers to this type of art/fashion.

We invite you to watch this fascinating video about the half-billion-dollar "Hair & Jewel".

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