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Article: Silver And Health: The Benefits Of Wearing Silver Jewelry

Silver And Health: The Benefits Of Wearing Silver Jewelry - DSF Antique Jewelry

Silver And Health: The Benefits Of Wearing Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is one of the first fashion accessories that people wore. Alongside the extra touch of sophistication, such jewels also have beneficial effects on the body.

Later, rare and precious fabrics and materials would appear and people would create beautiful garments, but silver jewelry continued to be popular. Famous craftsmen, artisans, and jewelers competed to create the most beautiful silver jewelry for ladies and men alike.

According to historical sources, silver had become so prized in Mesopotamia that silver rings were used as currency. Over time, silver came to be used to make an impressive number of objects, such as candlesticks, mugs, cutlery, trays or jewelry boxes, teapots, sweet boxes, and, of course, jewelry.

But silver has other qualities besides being a material for precious objects, namely benefits for the health and well-being of those who wear it.

The Benefits Of Silver Jewelry

Improves Mood

Silver jewelry reduces nervousness, stress, migraines, and irritability. Silver has the role of strengthening emotions and absorbing negative feelings.

The symbolism of the jewelry also influences the effects of the precious metal.

Enhances Sensuality

Worn with style, silver jewelry enhances beauty and offers added sophistication.

Silver is associated with the feminine Yin energy and the Moon, and is considered by alchemists to be the metal of the moon and of the gods.

Stimulates Intuition

It is said that silver jewelry enhances brain power, and in combination with the amazonite stone, it also has beneficial effects on intuition.

It is believed that these effects occur mainly through association with the powers of the Moon acting as a yin to the Sun. If the Sun is sparkling, energetic, and dynamic, the Moon and silver confer emotional and psychological support and greater intuitive power.

Influences body functions

There are still other benefits of wearing silver jewelry. Experts say that wearing these jewels can help regulate blood pressure.

Furthermore, wearing a silver ring on the little finger while sleeping is believed to help normalize heart activity. Wearing a ring on the index finger regulates the processes of the digestive tract.

Heals Wounds, Prevents Sinus Infections & Allergies

Silver jewelry has been known for its properties against infections since ancient Egypt.

Silver was used long before the discovery of penicillin and is regarded as an effective pharmaceutical product, being able to fight germs. Moreover, silver provides rapid healing in severe burns; the metal spontaneously releases negative ions that have germicidal effects. For this reason, silver has been used for decades to make medical instruments and prostheses.

According to a study whose results were published in 2015, silver can help reduce sinus infections. People allergic to airborne particles experience an improvement in symptoms if they wear silver jewelry.

Other Interesting Benefits Of Silver Jewelry

Silver Purifies Water

Since the Middle Ages, the beneficial effects that silver had in contact with water have been known. The aristocracy had long been spared from the plague and it was later found that silver was the saving element. Aristocrats used silver cutlery, plates, jugs, and jugs. Water, stored in silver containers, acquired the qualities of a natural antibiotic.

Later, American farmers put a silver coin in their milk pail to slow the souring process. It turns out that silver can kill up to 650 microorganisms in just six minutes. To kill germs, silver is now used to make filters and water tanks for airplanes and space shuttles.

Silver Detects Toxic Substances

Because of its qualities, silver changes color when it encounters potentially toxic chemicals.

The Protective Effect Of Silver Jewelry

The beneficial effects of silver are a consequence of its electrical and thermal conductivity. Positively charged, silver ions create a conductive field that reflects electromagnetic radiation away from the body and stimulates the body's natural conductivity, improving body temperature and general condition.

Furthermore, negatively charged ions couple with negatively charged oxygen receptors of bacteria, which is the scientific explanation for silver's beneficial effects against infection.

Recommendations Regarding Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry can be worn at any time, but it is especially recommended during periods when the immune system is weakened or the body is exposed to polluted air or time changes.

Silver jewelry can also be beneficial if you work in a busy office or frequently interact with electronic devices. Also, if you wear silver jewelry during a long plane flight, you are protected from bacteria and your general condition will be improved.

Undeniably, the aesthetic effect of silver jewelry should not be forgotten. They have the gift of giving an extra touch of style by embellishing even a banal outfit. Silver jewelry can be worn successfully at parties, cocktail parties, or family events.

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