The World's Most Expensive Watch: The Hallucination by Graff Diamonds

Graff Diamonds, one of the world's most prestigious jewelry houses in the world, presented the world's most expensive watch - The Hallucination. Worth more than 55 million dollars, the jeweled watch is a true marvel.

After two and a half years of meticulous work, the master jewelry from Graff Diamonds created a masterpiece.

It's no wonder it is the world's most expensive watch. Called "The Hallucination", the luxurious watch is both a bracelet and a piece of jewelry and is designed exclusively for women. And not just any women, but those who are extremely passionate about diamonds.

The Hallucination - The World's Most Expensive Diamond Watch

The exorbitant $55M price is understandable, considering that it was handcrafted, and each stone was individually polished and mounted with extreme care and craftsmanship.

As for the value of the diamonds used to create this historical jewel, specialists say they are extremely rare and durable. Eight types of diamonds in eight different colors, all together, could be any woman's dream.

The World's Most Expensive Watch - The Dream Of Laurence Graff

This is because Hallucination is composed of numerous multicolored diamonds, faceted in the most diverse ways (oval, marquise, pear, and brilliant) to give the impression of nobility.

The jewel thus forms a 110-carat kaleidoscope, described by the jewelry house as the most expensive and rarest luxury watch in the world.

The World's Most Expensive Watch - The Dream Of Laurence Graff

The Hallucination luxury diamond watch was also the dream of Laurence Graff, the company's president and the man who came up with the brilliant idea.

Talking about the world's most expensive watch, Graff said delighted: "It is a masterpiece of sculpture, a celebration of the miracle of colored diamonds. For many years I have thought about making a truly remarkable watch that illustrates our passion for diamonds."

Eventually, his idea was put into practice by a team of 30 specialists, designers, and jewelers, who fulfilled Laurence Graff's diamond dream.

Part of what makes this bracelet a timepiece is a tiny, specially designed dial, inevitably encrusted with candy pink diamonds. The result of thousands of hours of work, Hallucination will undoubtedly be the most coveted timepiece by women around the world.

The $55 million price tag seems small when you look at the market for colored diamonds, especially pink diamonds are the most sought-after diamonds in the world, with a value of around $2 million per carat.

The Graff jewelry house also sold the 24.78-carat pink gem "The Graff Pink" in 2010 for $45.7 million. The world's most expensive piece of jewelry was also a 60-carat pink diamond, sold in 2014 for a fabulous $84 million.

So, the 110-carat multi-colored diamond watch is well worth the money. The Hallucination deserves the title -it is the world's most expensive diamond watch and a rare piece that has its special place in the world of jewelry.

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