The Mysterious Universe: Scientists Discover the "Super-Earth" Covered in Rubies and Sapphires

In their fascinating quest to discover the mysteries of the universe, scientists came upon a very special planet located in the Cassiopeia constellation, 21 light-years from Earth.

Officially known as HD219134, the planet may be covered in rubies and sapphires, and specialists think the "super-Earth" could be part of a new class of exoplanets.

The planet has a mass five times larger than that of Earth and it was formed at high temperatures near its star, which it orbits in just three days. So, its composition is totally different from that of our planet.

According to astronomers, unlike Earth, the planet from the Cassiopeia constellation would not have a solid iron core, but rather one rich in calcium and aluminum, key components of many precious stones. This means that the planet may be very rich in rubies and sapphires.

"Maybe it has red and blue glitters like rubies and sapphires because these gems are made of aluminum oxide that is common on the exoplanet," says astrophysicist Caroline Dorn of the University of Zurich, who led the study, according to the prestigious he represents.

In the study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, researchers say that the "super-Earth" possible covered in rubies and sapphires could be part of a new class of exoplanets.

"Interesting about these planets, if they really exist, is that they are completely different from most Earth-like planets. From our calculations, we found that these planets have a density of 10% to 20% lower than of the Earth," added the astrophysicist from the University of Zurich.

Caroline Dorn said that he looked at different scenarios to explain the observed densities and found three candidates who belong to a new class of super-Earths with this exotic composition.

Maybe at one point, when mankind's science and technology will be developed enough, we can all see up close this mysterious and intriguing "Super-Earth" covered in rubies and sapphires.

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