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Article: Vintage & Antique Exclusive Pieces Are The Best "Treats". Halloween Discounts Just For You!

Vintage & Antique Exclusive Pieces Are The Best "Treats". Halloween Discounts Just For You! - DSF Antique Jewelry

Vintage & Antique Exclusive Pieces Are The Best "Treats". Halloween Discounts Just For You!

Halloween is around the corner. When it comes to kids, nothing will make them happier than candies. But what should you do if you want to offer something special to the woman you love, or to a close friend or a dear family member?

Well, vintage and antique exclusive pieces always have been and will be the best present especially when they come with a discount.

Over the years, DSF Antique Jewelry has tried to offer a rich and diverse collection of vintage and antique jewelry and different exclusive branded accessories for its customers.

This year's Halloween we promise "No tricks, just treats". If you use the code "Treats" you will get 15% off any order at the checkout until October 31 (included).

During our 40 years of existence, we always tried to delight your eyes and souls with rare vintage and antique pieces as we think they are not only beautiful but also rich in history and signification.

Such unique jewels have a "soul", preserve the fragrance of the era in which they were created, and can make a woman feel beautiful, elegant, delicate, and graceful, just like the movie stars were in Audrey Hepburn's time.

"No tricks just treats" - Our Special Halloween Discount Campaign

For us, the joy of our customers is very important and, therefore, on Halloween we would like to give you some suggestions for gifts that will surely please and surprise the people you love - whether we are talking about your wife, girlfriend, friend, mother, or sister. We also prepared a 15% discount on all our products you purchase for Halloween, even the very exclusive ones.

The special promotion lasts till October 31, so you have plenty of time to choose the perfect vintage and antique jewelry for you!

Sounds really good, doesn't it? So, here are 5 Halloween gift ideas that will make sure you will receive a lot of hugs from your loved ones. But the best reward will be the happiness you will see in their eyes when they will see the special gift you brought them.

Vintage or Antique Earrings - A Great Halloween Gift

Earrings are essential accessories in a woman's jewelry box.

They can easily be statement jewelry and bring a neat, sexy, and same time aesthetic touch to any outfit. Earrings are accessories that complement femininity and make women who wear them more confident and glamorous.

What types of earrings can you offer to your loved one? Well, regardless of age, hair color, occupation, style of clothing, and personality, diamond earrings will always be the best choice.

As for the shape of the earrings, the bone structure of the face will determine the size and weight of the jewels.
For small, fine bone structures (Meryl Streep, Sharon Stone, and Jodi Foster are good examples of such structures) choose earrings that are thin, fine, flat, and delicate.

Medium bone structures such as Madonna, and Liz Hurley look very well with medium weight and size earrings.

Women with large bone structures such as Oprah and  Donatella Versace look good with medium to large, heavy, chunky earrings.

A Precious Gemstones Necklace Will Light Up Your Halloween

Spectacular, isn't it? Gemstone necklaces are extremely popular and have earned their high status due to their beauty which leaves you speechless. Undoubtedly, they upgrade your look.
They look particularly nice at the base of the neck, adding an extra touch of sophistication and sensuality to the whole outfit.
Do you want your wife or your girlfriend to shine? Well, a diamond necklace will make her sparkle. Both literally and figuratively.

As for their length, the princess necklace types are considered to be standard. Highly popular, the princess length measures 17 to 18 inches and is suitable for a wide range of day-to-night outfits. Another standard necklace with high popularity is the choker which is between 14 and 16 inches. 

Vintage And Antique Gold Pendants For Halloween

Pendants are quite versatile accessories. We all have a necklace with a pendant that represents us. It can be in the form of a letter, zodiac sign, flower, bird, or mythic figure.

What types of pendants should you offer? If you don't know very well what your loved ones like a simple pendant, inspired by nature or geometric shapes, is a perfect choice.

You can also opt for a gold pendant in the shape of a flower, a butterfly, a tree, or a circle.
If the person is a family member, then you can choose a pendant in the shape of a heart, for example, to show your love to her.

Vintage and antique gold pendants with precious and semi-precious gems can be particularly appreciated as they bring sophistication and look out of the ordinary.

Gold Bracelets With Precious Gems

A bracelet can only bring smiles. But how do you choose the right bracelet?

If the person to whom you will offer it is older, go for the classic, timeless, discreet variants with rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. On the other hand, if we are talking about an energetic, cheerful young woman, you can choose bold bracelets with colored gems, black diamonds, or a combination of them.

Choosing the right bracelet can challenging since these jewels come in a variety of shapes and designs. We highly recommend designer bracelets as they are timeless and precious.
Handmade bracelets can also be a great choice. These can range from hand-forged silver and gold, beautifully adorned with gems in pretty combinations. They are unique pieces that show originality and can be not only precious but of sentimental value as well.

Tennis bracelets are also highly appreciated. Well known for their delicate chain design, they are adorned with diamonds, and the links can be of any other valuable material.

Vintage And Antique Rings

A ring is a special gift, it has a special meaning and definitely will impress the person you will offer it to. Rings are not only for the moment you to propose your future wife but a precious gift for any woman you love.

You can offer a diamond gold ring to your mother, grandmother, or sister as a sign of appreciation, respect, and care. And, of course, your daughter, if she is a young lady will greatly appreciate a beautiful ring too.
For your mom, opt for a gold ring with a ruby, which will always remind her of the love you have for her. For your grandma (if you are lucky enough to have her by your side) you can choose a gold ring with a sapphire. You will fill her heart with joy.

If you want a gold ring for your sister, go for the version with emerald, which symbolizes vitality, prosperity, and continuity. So what do you choose? Make your pick and do not forget to use the Halloween discount code "Treats" to get 15% off.

"No tricks just treats" - this is our Halloween motto.
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