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Article: Visionary Designer Anne Klein Revolutionized Fashion Industry

Visionary Designer Anne Klein Revolutionized Fashion Industry
Anne Klein

Visionary Designer Anne Klein Revolutionized Fashion Industry

Anne Klein was a legendary fashion designer who changed and influenced the way American women dressed. Today, her legacy is enjoyed by people around the world.

"Clothes won’t change the world. The women who wear them will," is one of Anne Klein's mottos.

She started working at the age of 15 as a designer at a clothing company and ended up establishing a fashion empire.

Anne Klein was a household name in the fashion industry of the 1950s, creating clothing styles that were appropriate for the average American woman.

The designer became known with the Junior Sophisticates clothing line, which offered a new silhouette. The concept was well received and encouraged Anne Klein to move into women's sportswear and new clothing lines, expanding her design portfolio.

At present, Anne Klein is one of the most popular worldwide brands, its portfolio including clothing, watches, glasses, jewelry, and other fashion accessories.

But let's start with the beginning.

Who Was Hannah Golofski (aka Anne Klein)?

Anne Klein was born on August 3, 1923, in Brooklyn, New York, her real name being Hannah Golofski.

Her career as a designer began in 1937, when she received a scholarship to study at Traphagen Fashion School, which earned her her first job.

So, at the age of 15, she began working as a designer at a clothing company on 7th Avenue in New York City. But her ambitious steps certainly did not stop there.

Over time, the talented young woman turned her extraordinary potential into her own clothing collections, after which she repeatedly received prestigious awards.

Anne Klein's Junior Sophisticates Clothing Line - A Big Boom

In 1948, she married clothing manufacturer Ben Klein. In 1950, she designed her first collection for Junior Sophisticates, the company she founded with her husband. The company offered styles to younger women with smaller figures.

Anne Klein won the 1954 Coty American Fashion Critics Award. She was the chief designer for Junior Sophisticates until 1960, when her marriage with Ben Klein ended.

In 1963, she married her second husband, Matthew "Chip" Rubinstein, and in 1965 she opened her own atelier, under the brand Anne Klein. The brand's iconic logo was the image of a lion.

In 1968, she and her husband founded Anne Klein & Company at 39th Street.

Anne Klein Expanded Her Repertoire

From 1972, in addition to clothing, various accessories such as watches, sunglasses and clothing accessories began to be made under the Anne Klein brand. This expanded the overall image of the brand.
Designer Anne Klein Revolutionized Fashion Industry
In 1973, she was the only female designer invited to a fashion show featuring five of the most popular American designers and five of the most popular French designers, according to and

Between 1969 and 1974, she won several awards including the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award, making her the first designer to win this prestigious award twice. She was was named to the Coty American Fashion Awards Hall of Fame in 1971, having won two previous Coty awards.

The famous Anne Klein died on March 19, 1974, at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City at the age of 51. But Donna Karen and Louis Dell’Olio continued in her vision.

Even today, the Anne Klein brand is one of the most popular worldwide in stores and at trade shows.

The Secret To Anne Klein's Success?

Anne Klein was an acclaimed designer who placed American fashion on the map.

In addition to being a master of authentic style, she understood that it was never about the latest fashion trends. At least not necessarily. The secret of her success was that her fashion accessories, jewelry, and clothes were classic and easy to wear.

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