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Article: $ 10,000 A Month For A Homeless. An Athlete Changes Destinies

Tevin Farmer Had His Second Chance Too. Miracles Do Exist!
Miracles Exist

$ 10,000 A Month For A Homeless. An Athlete Changes Destinies

Some people talk about Christmas miracles, others make them happen. That's the case with boxer Tevin Farmer who just employed a homeless person for $10,000 a month.

American boxer Tevin Farmer (31 years old), a former super featherweight world champion, decided to change the destinies of some people on the "edge of the abyss". Thus, the athlete set out to hire a homeless at his company, on a very high salary, every year. And, this year, right before Christmas, he has already started his first project in this regard.

Tevin Farmer is a former IBF world super-featherweight champion, undefeated for eight years, from 2012 to January 2020. At that time, Farmer was defeated by his compatriot Joseph Diaz, and he hasn't fought again since then.

But this is gonna change soon. Farmer is gonna make his return to ring next year. And, while awaiting his next fight, the Philadelphia fighter has communicated through his social networks that he has recently carried out an altruistic act that is rarely seen.

Tevin Farmer Hired A Homeless or $ 10,000 A Month!

Even though he is retired, Farmer does not get bored. He always finds ways to fill his time with his business. He admitted that a few days ago, he hired a homeless man, who lived on the streets, to whom he offered an impressive salary of $ 10,000 a month.

"Met a homeless guy today. He was so cold outside. Took him 2 the store. Bought him everything he needed. Paid for a hotel for 2 weeks. Hired him to work 4 me, making 10K+ a month. My heart is so full. I couldn't see him in the cold with nothing. My goal is to change 1 life a year", Tevin Farmer wrote on his personal Twitter account.

Tevin Farmer said he would not give any details about the man's identity, but revealed what role he would play in his vision.

"For all of you wondering how he's going to be making so much money. Luckily he has a CLASS A CDL driving license and I own a trucking company," added the former IBF champion.

Tevin Farmer Had His Second Chance Too. Miracles Do Exist!

In 2017, Tevin Farmer suffered a very serious injury that endangered his career. He was shot in the hand during his niece's birthday party. During an attempt to disarm a person who carried a gun Farmer was shot in his hand, while Farmer’s brother was grazed near his eye

Tevin Farmer saw a gun pointed at his brother and he tried to be the peacemaker and defend his relative. The trigger was pulled, more than once and the young boxer was shot in the palm of his right hand with the bullet coming out of his wrist.

Miraculously he returned to the ring only four months later.

"Some people look at it as me being a hero, but I was just doing what I was supposed to do," he said. "I don’t want to take credit for something I was supposed to do. I feel like I was supposed to do that."

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